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Kenotek Glass Cleaner

Kenotek Glass CleanerLeaves your glass streak-free and crystal-clear!

Kenotek Glass Cleaner is guaranteed to remove all film, dirt, and grime from your car’s glass surfaces, making sure they always look their best! Not only will Kenotek Glass Cleaner keep your glass looking great, it will also increase your visibility by removing those distracting imperfections from your glass, making you much safer while operating your vehicle. Kenotek Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free, making it perfectly safe on tinted windows.

The glass surfaces on your car were made to be completely transparent. Unfortunately, there are a slew of contaminants constantly bombarding your glass, doing their best to reduce the transparency of your glass. Not only can this seriously affect your ability to operate your car safely, but it will also seriously affect the appearance of your car over-all. This is why it is so important to find a glass cleaner that is capable of effectively removing all of those treacherous contaminants from your glass. Look no further, Kenotek Glass Cleaner is the exact product you are looking for!

Kenotek Glass Cleaner will be able to cut through those smudges, spots, and smears on your car’s glass and leave the surface crystal-clear. You will never have to worry about the distractions imbedded on your windshield preventing you from safely driving your car at night. Kenotek Glass Cleaner will make quick work of imperfections on your glass, making sure that no matter where you are going, your visibility will always be top-notch.

The vast majority of cars have tinted windows these days. Tinted windows are very effective at cutting down the glare from light coming through your windows, but you have to be extremely careful about which glass cleaner you use on tinted windows. Tinted windows are extremely vulnerable to harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleach will wreak havoc on the tint and cause it to separate from your glass. Kenotek Glass Cleaner was designed with tinted windows in mind. Kenotek Glass Cleaner is formulated with a completely ammonia and bleach free formula that will make sure that you never have to worry about causing harm to your car’s tint while you are trying to keep it clean.



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