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Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax

Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax

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You know your car needs it, so just bead-it, just bead-it.

Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax is a high-performance spray wax for exceptional protection to your car. Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax can be used as standalone protection or refresh and an existing coating or sealant. With water beading capabilities and gloss enhancing technology, Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax reduces water spots and protects against UV damage and environmental contaminants. Plus, with itís spray top, you be done faster and hassle free.

When you want a coating that lasts, protects and provides shine worthy results, you donít always want a coating that will take a lot of time. Beauty and protection does not have to cost you your time, not with Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax.

Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax is a ceramic spray wax that provides a sleek and glossy surface that allows for tight, water beading action. These water beads will roll off your car, rather than stick to the surface and cause additional contamination in the form of water spots. Plus, your surface will stay protected against harmful UV damage and pesky environmental contamination.

Not only will Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax protect your car on its own, but it also will protect your car double time over existing applications. That way, if you have a sealant or coating that you just absolutely love and donít want to be rid of, donít worry, feel free to add Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax without affecting whatever is on the surface.

Bonus, Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax is easy to use and will only take moments, when it will look like it took you hours. The spray on formula makes it a great product for all detailing skill levels. All you have to do is spray and wipe! Feel free to spray away, as Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax is safe to use on paint, chrome, glass, metal parts and wheels.

-Apply to a clean, dry, cool surface such as paint, chrome, glass, metal parts and wheels.
-For best results, eliminate scratches and swirls with Jescar polishing compounds prior to application.
-Spray directly on surface or on a clean, microfiber cloth.
-Wipe away evenly over sections to fully coat and protect.
-Use a second dry, microfiber cloth to buff any remaining product until dry.
-Avoid washing the vehicle for 24 hours to ensure longevity

22 oz.

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Jescar bead it
I prepped the surface properly and used it as a stand alone sealant. I am very impressed with the depth and gloss. I will continue to use it in variations like after maintenance washes, topper to power lock plus, wheels, etc.
ProsSpray on wipe off. High gloss and warmth to paint
Conslittle grabby in humidity
Canton, GA
One of my new "go to's"!
Have been using this great ceramic/si02 product for a couple of months now. Deep, "shimmering" shine with long lasting protection. I use at least once per month, right after washing, to keep our vehicles looking great & well protected!
Phoenix, AZ
Great product, easy to work with.
I put it in top of the Jescar Powerlock. amazing finish. Easy to apply product, easy clean up, the result is phenomenal. I'm not sure on what they're putting in it, but smells good (citrus like smell). Best use as a final product.
Proseasy to apply easy clean up great result price is fair
Myrtle Beach SC
This stuff is so easy to use.. I spray it on my rag and wipe on and off that easy.. Leaves a amazing shine beside and a bottle will go a long ways.. The bead is amazing. I used this on my boat and I put it on top of Jescar sealant product and BAM!
ProsEast to apply and take off. Leaves a amazing shine.. The bead is like no other. I also put this on my windows and it keeps water spots from rain from forming.
ConsOnly con I can say is you have to order it.. not many if any stores have it..
My new go to wax!!
I have been the owner of multiple black cars and I used Poorboys Polish Sealant (w/Griots orbital) to remove the light towel swirls in the clear coat followed by Colonite 845 for the topping wax. This brought an amazing finish that I have been using for years until trying Jescar Bead It SiO2 wax. I still do the same pre work with Iron X on exterior clay and then Poorboys polish/sealant. The Jester wax is SOOOOO easy to use. I used to have to work almost as hard to apply the Colonite and I did it by hand. The extra work of topping with Colonite is no more. I literally topped teh entire car (glass, trim, lights etc) in 15 minutes on a Honda Accord. I applied two coats of the Bead it so I didn't miss any areas with one coat. I also hoped it would hold up longer. the end result was a car with such a deep glossy finish. The metallic in the black popped but not as much with Colonite but the finish is hard were traditional wax has a sheen that wears off. I have no idea how long the life of this finish will last but from every review of the SiO2 waxes it sounds like it should last longer than traditional waxes. I am extremely happy with the easy of use and most of all the end results (and hopeful long life span.)
ProsEasy of use depth of paint color works on glass and plastic trim
ConsMore expensive