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IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 - 300gm

Renew, rejuvenate, rejoice!

IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 gives your car the revival you’ve been looking for. With its chemically infused graphene nano technology, your paint will get a sleek refresher, making your car look as good as new. Micro-marring will be a thing of the past with IGL Ecoshine Renew F4’s finishing seal that resists heat, shrinkage, and frost. The best part is that IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 cleans and seals in one simple, easy to apply step!

If you are short on time, but your car’s paint job is in need of a facelift, IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 comes in for the win. The nano paint technology of IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 fuses with the car’s surface to form a glassy and hydrophobic finish that repels and neutralizes corrosive agents, including water, so you won’t have to worry about micro-marring or mineral deposits or busting out your polisher. With IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 your paint will shine like liquid while leaving behind an extremely durable coating, without too much elbow grease!

Unlike a lot of elements in car detailing, IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 is non-abrasive and is powered by graphene. Graphene is a chemical of great power and the perfect additive to the IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 Graphene not only absorbs reflecting light, but it is also invulnerable to slightest corrosive agent, so nothing can pass through its resilient layer. Graphene also improves hydrophobicity, meaning it will easily repel water. Say goodbye to water spots on your sleek new paint rejuvenation!

IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 is like hitting a quick reset on your car’s paint job. IGL Ecoshine Renew F4’s paint revitalization technology is great for detailing maintenance,jeweling, and revitalizing faded paint. IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 was chemically produced to work on a variety of surfaces including, painted, gel coats, metals, vinyl, ceramic, tiles, glass and non-porous plastics.

IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 does not replace paint correction and is not recommended to be used as a primer before application of the IG Ecocoat series.

Directions for Use:
Shake well before use.
Apply IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 directly onto a clean, dry microfiber cloth and wipe directly onto dry paint surface, working one panel at a time.
Buff away excess product until haze is gone.
Repeat process working panel-by-panel until entire vehicle is glossy.
Apply IGL Ecocoat Premier for increased gloss and hydrophobicity.


IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 - 300gm

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Encino, CA
Cleans, restores, and protects paint. And it cleared my oxidized headlights!
I tried Renew F4 in combination with IGL Premier. I love this product. I applied it using a DA polisher and a black finishing/polishing pad with no cut. The paint was noticeably clearer. A couple of etchings caused by bird bombs were eliminated and overall the paint had noticeably more gloss. Also, my headlights were heavily oxidized and I thought I needed to buy a headlight restoration kit. I applied Renew F4 to the headlights and the oxidation was gone. The headlights look new!

I waited 36 hours to let the Renew F4 cure. Then I applied IGL Premier, which is IGL's recommended topper. Wow! The paint really pops and looks amazing.
Pros-Easy to work with. -Great gloss and shine -Paint is left feeling super slick
Cons-Only minor con, the cap on the bottle was a little hard to work with and some product leaked out. Nothing major, just a little annoying.
Texas ,
Great product
I purchased a new 2019 corvette back in December of 2019 and the car has been in the garage most of the time. I saw this wax on YouTube in decided to give it a try. Wow I couldn't believe how glossy the car looks it makes the car look like it is wet.
, St. Louis
Awesome stuff
I have a 2006 Ford F-250. Black. This stuff made it shine and took out some small imperfections.

Reading some of the other reviews I was also not impressed with the the way water stayed on the vehicle. So I called emailed the company. The customer service was awesome. They explained that in order to get the water to run off and leave no spots you must apply the IGL Ecocoat Premier in order for the water to just run off.

So before you listen to people who are complaining about this and didn't take the time to ask. I'm telling you what I found out. Ordered mine today and look forward to the results. This was also one of the easiest polishes to put on. I applied it with an orbital buffer. A little goes a long way. I used 4 dime size spots on my buffer pad. And I shook the bottle every time before I applied it to the pad. Best of luck and do your self a favor and get this. Now take the time to do the prep work and you will be very satisfied

Thanks IGL for your customer service and help.

ProsEasy to apply Easy to remove Fantastic shine
ConsReally none
First impressions
I applied IGL Renew about three weeks ago after a thorough decontamination. The best feature of this product is the gloss and reflection (5 stars). Slickness to the touch is better than average (4 stars). In this short amount of time, it does not show any signs of rapid degradation. The hydrophobic properties are not impressive at all, it will bead water but it tends to stay on the panels rather than slide off (2 stars). As for the application, a little goes a long way but you will not get there very fast as it hazes in seconds, not minutes (2 stars). On the label, it claims to resist frost. While it does keep frost from attaching to the whole surface, I did not find it very practical as shown in the picture.
Prosgloss slickness
Consapplication hydrophobic
Salem, OH Ohio
I tried this stuff out and my results were not as expected. The results noticed may be a result of application so i do not want to fully give it a 1 star rating yet untill i can try it in better weather. I applied this on a chilly 40 degree day on my truck hood. I washed the hood of my truck, then prepped it with an IPA wipedown. It didn't need clayed or decontaminated. I applied the IGL F4 with a porter cable 7424 and a black CG hexlogic pad. Set the speed on 5 and worked in the product. Here is where i think the temperature had something to do with how this product gave me a disappointing result. After 2 passes, it acted like the product froze or hazed up right away. On my third pass the product was dusting extremely bad. I checked the bottle, autogeeks website and IGL's website and found nothing that stated a specific application temperature range.

After removing the product the shine was nice and there was a noticeable increase in gloss. The removal was easy but i noticed a few places where it was difficult to remove (similar to old school turtle wax hard shell wax) and you had to use some force to get it off. This is where I think temperature was a factor in my results. The product "froze" and cured to quickly before it had a real chance to work in and bond.

I let it cure for 3 days before it was exposed to any washings. So i took it through a touch free lazer wash to put it through its paces and see how it would react to the high PH soaps and cleaners. I noticed right away the water did not bead and it was flat on the hood. It sheeted water ok but beading was not present. The water behavior was similar to that of a cleaner polish.

I feel there is a temperature range that this product needs to be applied. It would be nice to know what that temperature range is. Obviously with the reaction i had in the cold weather you do not want to be applying it in direct sunlight and on a hot surface. You will not have good results. Surface should be cool and in the shade to give time for you to work with it. Do not use this product in temperatures below 50-60 degrees F.
ProsGood Gloss, easy to remove
ConsPoor water behavior, (may be a result of how and when i applied) Expensive