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IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 10 oz.

IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 10 oz.

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Polish your way to paint correction!

IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 is a nanotechnology-based ‘one-step’ product. IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 offers a high level of cut with a perfect finish because of its diminishing abrasive technology. IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 can correct paint that is failing, dull, marred or has sand scratches. IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 finishes a deep gloss without any halos or holograms. Plus, IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 creates a high finishing with little dusting and provides clarity and residue removal.

Compounding and polishing are both important steps in the detailing process, but sometimes there isn’t enough time for both. IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 is the perfect product to be able to get correction power and a glossy finish in one bottle.

IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 provides a high level cut and a high finish thanks to its nano and abrasive technology. These abrasives break down they are exposed to friction, helping to correct the scratches in your paint. IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 starts out as a high cutting abrasive, but when physical force is added, or by using a wool pad, it breaks down into finer finishing abrasive. This polish will also correct paint that is failing, dull and marred. Plus, it will correct P2000-P3000 sand scratches. Correction, of course, is dependent on the hardness of the treated paint.

Not only does IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 correct, but it also leaves the surface with a deep gloss. This deep gloss will provide extreme clarity, without leaving halos or holograms behind. Unlike other polishes, IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 doesn’t create high dusting and instead, helps in residue removal. Because of all these factors, IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 can make a great ‘one-step’ product.

One of the best parts about IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 is that is safe and easy-to-use. Feel free to use IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 on paintwork, plastic, glass, PPF and vinyl surfaces. It is also free of harmful solvents, being non-toxic, biodegradable and even REACH compliant. A little goes a long way with IGL Ecoshine Polish F2, thanks to its long working time. Save time and money with just one bottle!

-Generally applied by a variable speed polisher with a medium-hard foam pad.
-Apply a small quantity of compound on the polishing pad.
-Let the polisher turn at low revolutions and spread the product on the surface via crossed movements.
-Speed up the revolutions.
-Be careful of surface overheating and don’t allow the polisher to stay on the same surface for too long without adding more product.
-If necessary, please repeat the application until the surface correction is completed.
-Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to inspect.

10.15 oz. (300 gm)

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