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IGL Ecocoat Headlight Kit 30 ml.

Looks out for your headlights so they can look out for you!

The IGL Ecocoat Headlight Kit will give you all the products and tools you will need in order to apply a high-quality layer of protection to your polycarbonate headlights. IGL Ecocoat Headlight is specially formulated to crosslink with polycarbonate to create a strong and lasting bond for up to 12 months. IGL Ecocoat Headlight will protect your headlights from the oxidation and yellowing that often plagues these surfaces. With a hardness rating of 6H once fully cured, you can be sure that IGL Ecocoat Headlight is fully capable of standing up to the hazards that threaten your headlights!

While all detailers can appreciate glossy and clear paint, it is also important to pay attention to the surfaces of your vehicle that are necessary to maintain your safety while driving. One of these surfaces is the polycarbonate plastic headlight lens. These lenses can become oxidized and yellowed overtime. Not only does this look atrocious, but it also greatly limits the amount of light that is able to pass through them. If you are driving at night or in inclement weather, not having enough light to drive by can have extremely serious consequences. The best way to solve this issue is to ensure that your headlights remain protected and thus, never reach that level of damage by using IGL Ecocoat Headlight.

The yellowing and oxidation that you see on headlights is actually caused by airborne contaminants, oil, and road grime that is cooked onto the headlight lens by the heat of the headlight themselves. If allowed to worsen, the only way to repair this damage is to sand or polish the surface, which will remove the factory UV coating on your headlight lenses. If you apply IGL Ecocoat Headlight to your headlight lenses, it acts as a barrier that protects your lenses from these harmful contaminants for up to 12 months!

So, what is preventing the IGL Ecocoat Headlight coating from suffering the same fate that your headlight lenses suffer? Well, unlike your headlight lenses, IGL Ecocoat Headlight is imbued with hydrophobic qualities. These hydrophobic qualities prevent the road film, oil, and other airborne contaminants from adhering to the surface. IGL Ecocoat Headlight makes sure these contaminants are easily washed away and never given the chance to become cooked onto the surface!

You will never have to worry about whether or not IGL Ecocoat Headlight is up to the challenge of repelling the dangerous hazards that will plague your headlights. The reason you can rest assured is due to the strength that this easy to apply coating packs. Once it is fully cured, IGL Ecocoat Headlight boasts a 6H pencil hardness rating! That is more than enough strength to stand up to anything you’ll run into on the average roadway!
Keep your headlights clean and clear with IGL Ecocoat Headlight!

This kit includes:
1 x Ecocoat Headlight 30 ml.
1 x Ecocoat Precoat 100 ml.
4 x Application Cloths
1 x Application Block

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IGL Ecocoat Headlight Kit 30 ml.

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IGL Ecocoat Headlight Kit 30 ml.