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IGL Ecocoat Fabric

Make sure spills don’t ruin your interior!

IGL Ecocoat Fabric will protect your interior from the inevitable and unavoidable messes and contaminants that plague your fabrics and textiles. The hydrophobicity that IGL Ecocoat Fabric will provide to your leather and upholstery ensures that any spills that occur can easily be cleaned up without causing permanent damage or staining. IGL Ecocoat Fabric will not affect the texture, the breath-ability, or the color of your fabrics and textiles either! On top of all of that, IGL Ecocoat Fabric is formulated without the use of dangerous VOCs, meaning that it is not only safe for the environment and your delicate surface, but it is safe for YOU.

While your interior surfaces may not be seen by the general populace, it is seen by the person that critiques your detailing work the most. You! It is never a nice feeling to spend hours washing and waxing your car’s paint only to open the door and be assaulted by the sight of stained fabric and upholstery. Just like with everything else in life, it is always to prevent a problem than to solve it after it occurs. So, do yourself and your car a favor; keep your fabric and leather surfaces protected with IGL Ecocoat Fabric!
Keep your fabric surfaces protected with IGL Ecocoat Fabric!

One of the most damaging and most likely risks to your interior fabric and upholstery is beverages, snow, rain, and other liquids. These liquids will quickly be absorbed into these porous fabric surfaces and permanently stain them. IGL Ecocoat Fabric prevents this difficult and costly damage by applying a layer of hydrophobic protection. This hydrophobic layer covers the surface of your fabric and resists liquid on a molecular level, preventing the liquid from penetrating your fabric or upholstery and wreaking havoc.

You may be worried that IGL Ecocoat Fabric will change the way your fabric feels or behaves, but IGL Ecocoat Fabric behaves differently than you may expect. IGL Ecocoat Fabric doesn’t act like a blanket that simply glosses over the minute pores in your fabric or leather. Instead, the nanotechnology of IGL Ecocoat Fabric works on a molecular level to protect your leather and textile and resist water, liquid, dirt, and stains. This ensures that IGL Ecocoat Fabric maintains the look, texture, color, and breathability of your interior surfaces!

Because you will be applying IGL Ecocoat Fabric to your interior surfaces, and thus breathing it in on a daily basis, you will be relieved to know that it is completely safe for both you AND the ecosystem! Thanks to the VOC-free formula of IGL Ecocoat Fabric, you protect your interior without causing any damage in the process!

Directions for use:
Clean the fabric/leather using IGL Ecoclean Interior.
Spray over the surface until damp and allow to dry.
On leather: wait 1 minute after spraying and then wipe off with a microfiber cloth.

500 ml. (16.9 oz.)

IGL Ecocoat Fabric

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