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IGL Ecoclean Iron

IGL Ecoclean Iron

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All the iron removing potential, none of the stink!

IGL Ecoclean Iron solves one of the largest concerns in the car detailing industry today, the iron-based fallout that collects on your paint and slowly corrodes your clear coat. Most other products that are created to address this issue usually use chemicals and ingredients that produce an extremely unpleasant scent. IGL Ecoclean Iron, however, has no such foul odor, thus eliminating need for a gas mask while decontaminating your paint! Just like most of IGL’s products, IGL Ecoclean Iron was formulated to be completely safe for both the user and the environment!

The layman may not know about the dangerous and luster-thieving substance that collects on nearly every surface of your vehicle, but any educated car detailer knows all too well the hazard that is iron contamination. These iron particles are thrown about by nearly every car, factory, rail-road, industrial building, and many other sources. Essentially, they are microscopic shards of metal that penetrate your car’s clearcoat and not only ruin the shine of the paint, but also slowly eat away at the clearcoat! Removing these particles is a must! That is why IGL created IGL Ecoclean Iron, the best answer to iron particles yet!
IGL Ecoshine Paint uses an advanced formula to remove embedded iron contaminants from your paint's surface!

While products similar to IGL Ecoclean Iron have been created in the past, they all had one very major, glaring flaw. The active ingredients that they used would produce an intense and gag-worthy scent that would make most people prefer to leave their paint contaminated. However, IGL Ecoclean Iron uses a different active ingredient that reacts with iron particles just as well (if not better) than these vomit-inducing alternatives without the gut-wrenching scent! IGL Ecoclean Iron makes it possible to decontaminate your paint without contaminating your nose in the process.

In fact, the active ingredients used in IGL Ecoclean Iron are more than just easy on the nose! IGL Ecoclean Iron’s formula was designed without the use of acidic or alkaline cleaners that not only degrade your paint, but are also extremely harmful to both you and the environment. The pH-neutral formula of IGL Ecoclean Iron also means that you don’t have to worry about it harming the surface of your paint or your clearcoat!

Even through all of these improvements to the concept of an iron remover, IGL Ecoclean Iron still packs the same iron dissolving punch that you need to properly remove these particles from your paint!

Directions: Shake IGL Ecoclean Iron well and spray it directly onto the surface. Use a damp sponge to work the product over the surface thoroughly. Let IGL Ecoclean Iron rest on the paint for 5 minutes as it reacts with the iron particles. Agitate the surface with a brush if necessary. Rinse the surface thoroughly, making sure not to let the product dry completely.

500 ml. | 16.9 oz.

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IGL Ecoclean Iron