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IceDozer Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper

Plow through snow and ice with the IceDozer!

The IceDozer Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper is a heavy duty ice remover that plows through heavy snow and ice like a bulldozer. The innovative design is part snow plow, part ice scraper, part snow brush. Use the IceDozer Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper this winter to clear your car quickly.

The IceDozer Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper is built to clear thick ice and snow with equal ease. The FlexiBlade automatically adjusts to the curvature of your vehicle's windshield, so no ice goes unmoved. You can clear the windshield faster because the FlexiBlade clears a wide path with each pass.

The snow plow feature pushes piles of snow off the windshield easily. An ergonomic PowerGrip in the front of the IceDozer Plus enables you to really put some power behind your push without exerting much effort. But that's just one of the grips on this ice scraper. The IceDozer Plus also has a back saw handle grip, which keeps you clear of any ice or snow, and the strut grip, which gives you extra leverage when you need it.


The Ice Notch cleans ice and snow off wiper blades.
The IceDozer Plus is shown here fully assembled. The brush can be removed for scraping mirrors.

The brush attachment that sits atop the snow plow is used for brushing snow and broken ice from the vehicle. The brush can be removed if needed for better access to the scraper blade located just beneath it. The removable brush has a scraper blade as well, which can be used to clear rearview mirrors and other hard-to-reach areas.

The brush on the IceDozer Plus whisks away loose snow and ice.
The IceDozer Plus can be used as a scraper or a snow brush.
This scraper blade is used for your thicker, more stubborn ice. The IceDozer Plus even features Tenderizers to break up thick ice so you can scrape it away. All the scraping surfaces of the IceDozer Plus are safe on auto glass.

As if all that weren't reason enough to get an IceDozer Plus, it has something no other ice scraper has: an Ice Notch. Slide your windshield wiper blades through the Ice Notch to remove snow and ice in an instant.

If you spend too much time clearing snow and ice from your vehicle every winter, get the IceDozer Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper. It's the only ice scraper that has multiple blades, a removable brush, and an Ice Notch for wiper blades.

18.8 x 7.1 x 3.7 inches
Made in U.S.A.

Lifetime Warranty

IceDozer Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper

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Amazing in heavy winter weather!
This thing is amazing! There are times when the winter has a tough time starting and we get freezing rain or extremely tough ice to chip off. I've broken plastic ice scrapers in the past on that kind of thing, but the IceDozer handles it without difficulty. This is an amazing tool that anyone living in freezing rain zone should have.

If you are just dealing with the typical mountain frost on your glass, then this is like using a cannon to kill a mosquito. However, if you live in an area where the ice comes in so thick that your wipers won't even move, then this is absolutely the tool for you. It will clear frost or thick ice, so it really is a 'go to' product for any winter climate.
I bought this years ago off of one of those shopping channels and it came with a long reach snow brush. Needless to say - this works great at chopping through the ice on your windsheils and side windows.