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Industrial High Flow Fireman's Nozzle

Industrial High Flow Fireman's Nozzle

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Go with the flow!

Our Industrial High Flow Fireman's Nozzle offers 300% more flow than a standard hose nozzle. 300%! Washing your vehicles, boat, and RV is a whole new experience! Rinse down large vehicles or boats quickly. Make the most of your water pressure. The Industrial High Flow Fireman's Nozzle is a blast!

The Industrial High Flow Fireman’s Nozzle is versatile and safe. The adjustable spray pattern gives you some options for your various detailing and yard jobs. The GRIPGUARD insulated handle is comfortable to grip and protects you from the heat of the zinc body on hot summer days.

The Industrial High Flow Fireman's Nozzle is functional, but it's also a lot of fun. It has a large metal shut-off handle, just like a real fire hose. Pull it back to unleash the gush of water!

The Industrial High Flow Fireman's Nozzle is outstanding at car washing, of course, but it's also handy for washing down sidewalks, house siding, patio furniture, and many other common household tasks.

This is no flimsy, plastic hose nozzle. It's made of die-cast zinc with a metal shut-off handle. The Industrial High Flow Fireman's Nozzle is built to last!

If you want maximum flow and ultimate durability, the Industrial High Flow Fireman's Nozzle belongs on your water hose!

The High Flow Fire Hose Nozzle has an adjustable spray pattern.

The High Flow Fire Hose Nozzle has an adjustable spray pattern.

Turn the top of the High Flow Fire Hose Nozzle to adjust the flow.

The nozzle has a sprinkler pattern.

Pull the handle back to turn off the water flow.

Use the narrow flow for extra water pressure.

The High Flow Fire Hose Nozzle has an easy shut-off handle.

Flip the large handle to shut off the flow of water.


  • Heavy-duty, die-cast zinc body with GRIPGUARD® insulation
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Large metal shut-off handle
  • Fits 5/8" and 3/4" hoses
  • 300% more water flow than a standard nozzle
  • Water pressure rated to 250psi

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86% Recommend this product (6 of 7 responses)
N. J.
Works Great!
Good product.
South Florida
The Solution
I've had that $20 "fire hose" style nozzle before, moved onto a simple brass nozzle, then finally this. I have to say I've never had such a substantial, smooth operating piece of equipment when it comes to wash tools. You can adjust the spray pattern one-handed, the lever activation is an indescribable satisfying way of one and off, and even with a standard 5/8" hose there's ample flow. With car washing, my opinion is that it's all about flow, and that exactly what this product provides.

Make sure you install a brass quick disconnect (QD) so that when you're done using, you can store this tool in a safe place. Don't want clowns stealing it!
ProsEverything about it.
Super nozzle isn't that super
Well made nozzle but You really need a larger than normal width of hose and high water pressure to get any real pressure. From my house in GA this nozzle didn't do much better than the trigger handle style I bought at lowes for $10
ProsGood construction. Fun to use. Smooth operation
ConsThe high PSI advertised is only under certain circumstances.
Lafayette, CO
Best nozzle you can buy bar none.
I read one review that stated this nozzle was too large for a standard hose operating on standard pressure. How wrong can this be. This hose when the nozzle is cranked all the way out will indeed act like a normal brass nozzle shooting water out over 40 feet. But that is not what you want when auto detailing. You want a large flow of water with no splash back so you can flood the surface with rinse water before it dies. With the handle pushed forward, water is completely shut off, and when pulled back the steam returns to the pattern set prior to shut off. You can therefore adjust the flow pattern to an umbrella shaped high volume flow, grab the hose in one hand with thumb on the shut off lever, wash rag in the other hand and soap down with right hand. Before the soap dries, as in bright sun, flip the large shut off on the nozzle with thumb on left hand and rinse. The quick shut off and shut on feature without changing the water flow allow full use of both hand without having to set the wash rag or hose down and conserves water . This high volume flow allows for very rapid removal of soapy water and quick shut off while using the other hand to continue soaping down the project. But, this is only the start of the nozzle's usefulness. Try it out on delicate flowers set at max flow low force umbrella spray pattern to quickly soak down the flower bed without knocking the pedals off delicate plants, or holding the hose with nozzle hanging down while walking the yard to quickly soak those brown spots in the lawn. Not only is this a detailers dream but a landscapers,gardeners must. It has a tremendous range of adjustment for flow and is desired a strong jet of spray for distance.
ProsGreat for saving on water with its quick off on feature while not affecting the spray pattern as is common requirement on a standard brass spay nozzles. Heavy construction for what appears to be a lifetime lasting tool.
ConsDue to its quality and function I now will have to buy too many more for gift for my very special friends. Father in law is up next on the list. He loves growing flowers and gardening.
New Orleans
No Comparison...
...to the nozzles you will buy at the local garden shop. Directs a strong stream exactly where you want it, and a softer one if so desired.