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Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner

Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner

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The protection leather craves

Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner restores, conditions, and protects new and old leather surfaces. Formulated with mink oil and lanolin, Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner forgoes inexpensive petroleum ingredients and instead relies on advanced chemistry. Designed to restore leather’s natural oils, Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner protects against cracking and fading while reducing damage caused by abrasion. Natural leather scent restores the “new car smell.”

A quick lesson on leather:

Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner is used on the world's most prestigious vehiclesWhen was the last time you conditioned your seats, and we mean really conditioned them? Inexpensive leather conditioners and over-the-counter interior protectants don’t count, as they actually cause more harm than good. Petroleum, silicones, and gloss agents are all a big no-no for leather, especially if you’re driving a luxury car. You see, the problem with these inexpensive leather conditioners is that corners are cut in order to meet a certain price point, and we all know that your leather deserves better than that. As with all products that bear the Black Label name, cost was not a consideration during the formulation of Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner. Sharing another trait with its family of products, Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner is extremely concentrated, so it doesn't take much to give your interior the full treatment.

Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner is formulated with mink oil and lanolin
Formulated with mink oil and lanolin to feed leather the essential oils it needs to remain soft and supple.
Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner feeds leather essential oils
Conditions leather without making it greasy or shiny.
Some of us are fortunate enough to have leather seats in the vehicles we own. And a lot of vehicles have leather on the dash and door panels, complemented by beautifully stitched seams. As any smart buyer would, we all look at the options listed on every vehicle we purchase, so we're well aware of the additional expense that accompanies luxury items, like the aforementioned cut and sewn leather upholstery in certain, say, Mercedes models. Being the car care connoisseurs that we are, it’s imperative that our vehicles only receive the best, and in the case of leather upholstery, the best is Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner.

Not all leather conditioners are created equal, and Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner is proof. We made it clear to the chief chemist that we didn’t want any silicones, petroleum, or gloss agents in Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner. Instead, we wanted a leather conditioner that featured the world’s finest ingredients packed into a concentrated formula that wouldn’t require gobs of product each time I conditioned a luxury interior's leather. These requests – or demands as my chemists would call them – resulted in Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner.

Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner is rich in mink oil and lanolin, two key ingredients that help keep leather soft and supple. These complex, expensive ingredients absorb into the leather’s pores after a deep cleaning with my other favorite leather care product – Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Cleaner. This results in leather that is soft, supple, flexible, and well protected. In the same way that your freshly wax paint begs to be touched (like it or not!), your leather surfaces will draw attention after being treated with Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner, too.

Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner is the perfect conditioner for King Ranch Leather
Safe to use on KING RANCH style leather
Here’s another leather maintenance tip: don’t forget the stitching! Inexpensive, petroleum-based leather conditioners make it clear to AVOID the stitching while applying their product. That’s not the case with Black Label Leather Conditioner. We had this leather conditioner formulated so it actually protects the stitching; it will not cause it to dry out or deteriorate. This thick crème provides the best protection possible in a leather conditioner.

Use Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner on protected, coated, and semi-aniline leather surfaces. Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner is also safe on late model Ford trucks with King Ranch leather! The UV protection provided by Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner prevents premature fading and discoloration. Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner is the best investment you can make in interior care!

  1. Clean surface first using Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Cleaner.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Apply directly onto terrycloth or microfiber applicator and thoroughly massage into surface.
  4. Remove excess conditioner with a soft microfiber or terrycloth towel.
  5. Repeat for old, neglected leather.
8 oz.

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Baton Rouge, LA
Exaxtly What Real Leather Needs
I bought this conditioner for a King Ranch I was working on at the time. This is a great leather conditioner and the seats turned out better than I could have imagined. Its definitely not oily, and absorbs into the seats quickly and nurtures them to keep them looking their best. I will most likely be buying the 32oz bottle next time and keep some of this on hand at all times. Very impressive product if I'm being honest.
Pros-Easy to work with -Smells nice (leather scent) -Applies easily
Pasadena, CA
Results justify the cost
I am not a huge expert, but have used about 5 different leather conditioners in my life from $5 stuff to $40 stuff. This one is so far the best. Can't say it's the overall best because I don't know, but I really can't ask for any more.

Car: 2 year old / 30k mile BMW M235i w/ Black Dakota Leather

My seats are in very good condition to start, but were just starting to show some signs that the leather was drying a bit. I used the Pinnacle Black Label cleaner first, but that's another review. At first it seemed to go on a bit light, but once my rag got enough product on it went on very consistently. All it took was one application and really very minimal if any need for running back over things after applied. I used on seats, steering wheel, doorcard leather. After I was done applying it, it was soft, color was perfect, felt and appeared at least as good as new if not a bit softer. No greasiness or slipperiness at all. A week or so later and it still looks exactly the same. The smell was nice, but not overpowering and went away very quickly. It is a bit pricey and no idea how it would work on heavily worn leather, but if you are frustrated with other conditions not fulfilling their promises and being all sticky/greasy then look no further this stuff just does what it says.
ProsJust right amount of conditioning without any greasiness, slipperiness, or weird smells.
Great detailer
All Pinnacle products are great, this one is no different.
Denver, Colorado
Great product, easy to use, nice smell
After buying a brand new car, I was intent on keeping the car brand new, fighting the harsh climate from a Denver Colorado summer. After getting in the car numerous times and having the interior temperature reach at least 200 degrees, I decided to take the plunge and at least and seal the interior. Being a long time Autogeek customer and car enthusiast, I knew i would have to "compromise" the new interior smell that cannot be replicated. After a lot of time contemplating and researching different products, I decided I needed to do it right and use a product (mainly the nano-ceramic sealant) I wouldn't regret. After coming to the easy decision of using the Pinnacle interior sealant, I decided to do it right and condition the seats (obviously using the same brand formula) regardless of their condition before hand. After using this product, I was blown away by the texture and glow of the black seats, along with a scent that can only be described as luxurious and comforting. I have not tried every leather conditioner on the market but I can say that I really love the way this product conditioned and softened the leather and the scent, despite my apprehension, is amazing and I have no regrets.
ProsGreat scent
New Mexico
Works okay.
Thought it would make the leather softer, may need to apply several times.