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HD Polishers - Autogeek Exclusive!

HD Polishers - Autogeek Exclusive!Discover the luxury of heavy duty, extra-long power cords on your favorite dual action car polisher!

When you detail cars for your entire life, you learn very quickly that dealing with extension cords is not only a hassle, but also a huge waste of time. In the early days of detailing, polishers and buffers were only available with stock, light duty cords; there was simply no such thing as a heavy-duty, extra-long power cable.

Anyone that has fumbled around with an extension cord on a car polisher during any detail job large or small knows the inconvenience of constantly having to plug back into the extension cord—what a waste of time! To avoid that problem, many detailers--myself included--were forced to rewire our polishers and buffers with longer cords, and that created another kind of hassle! Deciding on the gauge of wire to use could prove tricky, and properly installing it had its own set of risks.

Nowadays, thanks to Autogeek, you can avoid all of those problems, protecting yourself and your tools, by choosing an HD model of one of our dual action car polishers. These upgraded versions of the most popular models will protect your tools, help you avoid the hassle of extension cords, and free up more time for your next detailing project.

We offer HD models of the most popular brands like the FLEX XC3401, Griots Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher, Cyclo Orbital Polishe and Rupes.

Save yourself the aggravation of working with extension cords, protect the tools of your trade, and spend more time polishing by treating yourself to one of our HD power tools.

Take it from me: it’s the only way to go!

-Mike Phillips