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GYEON Woolie Wash Mitt

GYEON Woolie Wash MittWash your vehicle with luxurious wool!

The GYEON Woolie Wash Mitt is specially designed to provide the most gentle car washing experience possible for your GYEON coated vehicle. This large, one-sided mitt is composed of genuine Australian wool—the softest there is! The back of GYEON Woolie Wash Mitt features an easy-to-grip mesh so no matter what section of the vehicle you’re washing, you can maintain a firm hold, reducing the risk of dropping the mitt.

Washing your vehicle is completely necessary, but using the wrong tools can spell disaster. Even a super-tough protective coating won’t stand up to abrasive wash tools, so it’s important to choose your wash mitt wisely to prolong the life of your coating. The GYEON Woolie Wash Mitt greatly reduces the risk of wash induced swirls and marring, especially when used with a Grit Guard insert!

The GYEON Woolie Wash Mitt is made of super soft Australian wool. There’s a reason why Australian wool is so sought after: it’s soft, it’s safe, and it’s durable! The long wooly fibers of the GYEON Woolie Wash Mitt gently wipe away dirt and grime and pull it toward the center of the mitt, away from paint. The mesh hand pocket on the back of the Woolie makes it easy to grip, even when it’s fully loaded with a fresh batch of suds!

For best results, use the GYEON Woolie Wash Mitt on your GYEON coated vehicle using a high quality maintenance shampoo like GYEON Bathe. Rinse the mitt frequently during washing to remove any grit or grime collected from the surface of the vehicle. After the car wash is complete, thoroughly rinse the GYEON Woolie Wash Mitt and allow to dry out of direct sunlight. Periodically, wash the GYEON Woolie Wash Mitt by hand with GYEON Towel Wash to remove any buildup.


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