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GYEON Q2 Pure 30 ml.

GYEON Q2 Pure 30 ml.An upgrade to GYEON’s original one-layer coating system!

GYEON Q2 Prime is a new and improved version of the GYEON W2 Prime. Designed for professional use, GYEON Q2 Pure features the same glossy finish and high hydrophobic properties with an easier to use application and removal process. The durability of GYEON Q2 Pure is up to 18 months and can be layered for increased longevity. If you loved GYEON Prime, it’s time to upgrade your coating game to GYEON Pure and see how much better your protection and durability can be!

GYEON Prime has come to be a leader in the paint coating market. Hailed by many as their favorite coating because of the unique one-layer system and intense durability and shine, GYEON was hard-pressed to try and make something better than Prime – but they have! GYEON Q2 Pure is an upgraded formula with many of the same properties of GYEON Q2 Prime – just slightly more impressive!

A common myth when it comes to paint coatings is that the look they impart is not the same as a traditional carnauba paste wax or paint sealant. When it comes to GYEON Q2 Pure, that is absolutely not the case. As long as your paint is corrected and perfected before application, GYEON Q2 Pure lays down a sleek and glassy gloss that doesn’t fade after only a month.

GYEON Q2 Pure is the next evolution of GYEON’s ever-popular Q2 Prime and the results are hard to dispute! For an unparalleled level of protection and gloss, as well as an easy application method, GYEON Q2 Pure is just what you need!

Directions for use:
1. Pre-wash the vehicle using a shampoo with a strong degreasing agent.
2. Decontaminate the surface using a clay bar and clay lubricant.
3. If the car is scratched, make sure paint correction is performed first.
4. Ensure the surface is oil free and completely dry. Use GYEON Q2M Prep before applying the coating (isopropyl alcohol does not fully degrease the surface).
5. Shake Q2 Pure bottle before use.
6. Apply a thick later of Q2 Pure in a criss cross motion. Pay attention to the leveling of the coating. If needed, do a second criss cross application to achieve a perfectly even layer.
7. Split larger panels (roof, bonnet, SUV doors) into sections, apply carefully.
8. Wipe off immediately (10-30 seconds) after applying on the whole panel/section.
9. Please note that the wipe off time may vary depending on your area’s climate. Work panel by panel/section, do not allow to fully dry.
10. Let the coating dry. Wipe off with Q2M Cure before starting use of the car. Apply Q2M Cure with a soft microfiber towel. Spray Q2M Cure onto the microfiber towels and not directly onto the surface. Do not allow any streaks to be left. Work in sections, panel by panel.

GYEON Q2 Pure includes:
30 ml. GYEON Q2 Pure coating
100 ml. GYEON Cure
Application dropper
4 qty. GYEON Suede Microfiber Towels
GYEON Coating Applicator
Directions for use

30 ml.

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