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GYEON Q2R Marine Maintain

GYEON Q2R Marine Maintain

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Makes your marine upkeep an absolute breeze!

GYEON Q2R Maintain is a convenient, easy to use product that will allow you to simultaneously remove light soil and contamination while leaving behind a glossy protective layer. GYEON Q2R Maintain is capable of being used on its own as a protection product thanks to the SiO2 in its formula, but it really shines as a maintenance spray for your already existing protection product! GYEON Q2R Maintain can be used on a wide variety of surfaces like gelcoat, wood, carbon fiber, and everything in between! GYEON Q2R Maintain will provide a hydrophobic, streak-free finish that everyone can enjoy!

One of the toughest truths to accept when you own a boat is that is a constant battle to keep the surfaces of your boat looking clean and beautiful. Due to the constant onslaught of salty water, you will often have to put up with water spots, light film, and other very annoying contamination that finds its way onto your boat. The best way to prevent these contaminants from completely ruining your boat’s finish is to make sure that they are never given the chance to make your boat their home. GYEON Q2R Maintain will give you the perfect tool for preventing these unwanted guests from sticking around!

GYEON Q2R Maintain can be used in minutes either while you are cleaning your boating for a day on the water or even while you are out on the water! The simple application only requires that you have a microfiber towel and the mere seconds it takes to apply it! Just dampen the microfiber towel with GYEON Q2R Maintain, wipe the surface clean of the contamination, and you are free to enjoy a smooth, protected, streak-free finish!

The versatility of GYEON Q2R Maintain is its real main quality that will make it a must have in your marine detailing arsenal. GYEON Q2R Maintain can be used on nearly every surface of your boat, coated or uncoated. This includes, but is not limited to, gelcoat, wood, carbon fiber, plastic, chrome, and many more! GYEON Q2R Maintain is the kind of catch-all product you need buy your side when you are out on the water!

Whether you are looking to maintain that incredible GYEON Q2R GelCoat you’ve just applied or are just looking for an easy to apply short-term layer of protection to your boat, GYEON Q2R Maintain will be the product for you! GYEON Q2R Maintain will either revitalize the protective qualities of your existing protection or provide its very own protection thanks to the SiO2 that it contains!

There is no sense in letting your boat degrade and fade over time! Let GYEON Q2R Maintain give you the power you need to keep your boat clean!

1000 mL

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