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GYEON Mild Clay 100g

Safely and effectively decontaminate paint with clay!

GYEON Clay is a synthetic detailing clay that safely and effectively removes embedded contaminants from paint, creating a smooth finish ready for polish. This easy to use clay bar is ideal for use on all types of paint, from hard ceramic clears, to soft flat blacks. GYEON Clay leaves paint smooth an slick in preparation for your detailing project.

When your car rolls down the road, it is constantly bombarded with microscopic particles that can cause serious problems later on. Each shard of brake dust, rail dust, or other industrial fallout can become embedded in the paint finish, essentially piercing a hole in the clear coat. If left in place, these tiny holes can eventually lead to pitting, rust, and clear coat failure. GYEON Clay is a safe and effective solution for removing those contaminants before they cause permanent damage.

GYEON Clay is safest when used with GYEON Clay Lube. This winning combination provides plenty of lubrication to prevent the clay bar from grabbing the surface and causing marring. For an even more efficient claying process, consider using GYEON Iron or GYEON Tar as a lubricant for a double dose of decontamination!


GYEON Mild Clay 100g

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GYEON Mild Clay 100g