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GYEON Booster - 30 ml

Increase the hydrophobic properties of your vehicle’s existing coating!

GYEON Booster offers a dramatic increase in the durability and hydrophobic properties of your existing paint coating. Used as a topper for any GYEON coating, this incredible formula helps block out airborne contaminants while amplifying the self-cleaning effect of your coating. GYEON Booster is very easy to apply and promises to prolong total water beading by up to 12 months!

If you love water beading (and we know you do!) than you’ve no doubt fallen in love with paint coatings. These advanced formulas not only protect paint, but boy do they bead! Now imagine a world where you can get even more intense water beading for longer. You may think that’s impossible, but GYEON Booster is here to prove otherwise!

GYEON Booster is the longest lasting, most effective beading topcoat available. Whether you’ve chosen to coat your vehicle with Q2 Prime or Q2 Mohs, GYEON Booster is the perfect complementary product to increase the hydrophoby of the coating. GYEON Booster is also anti-static and anti-graffiti so keeping your vehicle clean will be easier than ever!

Directions for Application:
Use of GYEON Booster is recommended only for vehicles recently coated with Q2 Prime or Q2 Mohs that have been driven less than 2000 km (1242 miles) since coating.
  1. Ensure the vehicle is clean and dust free, washing if necessary. Prepare the surface using GYEON Prep to remove any oils or residue to ensure proper bonding.
  2. Shake GYEON Booster well.
  3. Using the included applicator, spread an even layer of GYEON Prime over a section of the vehicle in a crisscross pattern. Break larger portions, like the hood, roof, and large door panels into smaller sections.
  4. After one section is coated, immediately wipe off any excess.
  5. Allow to fully cure for 12 hours prior to driving vehicle. Infrared lamps can be used to seed curing time.

GYEON Booster - 30 ml

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GYEON Booster - 30 ml