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GTechniq G-Wash 250 ml.

GTechniq G-Wash 250 ml.

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Wash away dirt, not paint protection!

Gtechniq W1 G-Wash has been specifically formulated to work in harmony with Gtechniq’s range of protective coatings. This high foaming car wash breaks the bond between the dirt particles and your vehicle’s paintwork and lubricates particles, thereby enabling the safest possible removal of traffic film.

Gtechniq W1 G-Wash should be used as a maintenance auto shampoo. While highly effective, it is safe on all auto surfaces and will not strip waxes, sealants, or coatings.

Used in conjunction with Gtechniq’s coatings, G-Wash will ensure maximum gloss retention.


Prior to washing, remove loose dirt and contaminants from your vehicle by rinsing with a hose or jet wash.

For light dirt, use 2 caps per bucket and 4 caps for heavy dirt.

Always begin washing the upper surfaces and work your way down, rinsing your wash mitt in a separate bucket of water as you go to release dirt. Then replenish your mitt in a second bucket containing your dilution of water and G-Wash. Brake dust is highly abrasive so ideally use another mitt for cleaning your wheels. Ensure that you never press hard to remove dirt (for stubborn dirt, allow to soak for several minutes) and always rinse your car thoroughly to remove all soap residues. Never apply detergents directly to bodywork or your sponge.

Gently dry your car with a Guzzler Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel.

250 ml. (8 oz.)

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Where are the larger size bottles ?
very good product. Good cleaning ability and lubricity. I'm completely done with traditional wax's and polymer sealants. Ive come to the conclusion after using various coatings that wax's and sealants feel slick and slippery because they leave oil's on the paint for a nice feel and look. Because of this oil left on the surface, you actually attract a lot of dust and dirt. The great thing about the coatings is that they dry and cure hard without oily slick feel to them. Once you get over the fact that the only thing slippery paint offers is a nice touch, and understand that this is actually attracting contaminates to bond, you will see the huge benefit in coatings that cure hard and dont leave a slippery feel. Coatings are super duper at not allowing road film (oily mess) to sticking to the paint. You will see this benefit with the incredible ease of use on the first wash after applying the coating.

The manufacturers of coatings recommend using pure shampoo's without any glossing and slippery protection agents added to them. This shampoo is at the top of the heap in offering those characteristics. And it does its job very well.

But the real questions is where are the larger size bottles. At this rate its not very cost effective , so 4 stars is in order for the review instead of 5 ! AG , please step up and offer us the larger bottles so this great product is economical in its use !