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GTechniq T1 Tire & Trim 250 ml.

Maintain a dark finish longer!

Gtechniq T1 Tire and Trim has been formulated to keep your tires and trim black and spotless for longer than ever. T1 gives you ultimate control over gloss levels, offering a natural satin finish with a single coat to a high gloss with multiple coats.

Gtechniq T1 Tire & Trim provides a low-gloss, satin finish on tires
T1 Tire & Trim provides a low-gloss finish on tires that dries to the touch.
Thanks to AGO forum member JSFM35x for the picture.
T1 is based on chemical nanotechnology designed to offer previously unattainable durability, hydrophobicity (water repellency) and oleophobicity (oil repellency). Dirt, oils, and moisture will simply roll off the tires and trim. You'll have to clean them less often. Plus, Gtechniq T1 Tire and Trim lasts longer than the average tire dressing, so you can enjoy the benefits without frequent reapplications.


  1. Thoroughly clean and dry tires and trim prior to application
  2. Squeeze T1 onto a foam applicator, tire swipe or cloth
  3. Spread evenly onto tire and/or trim surfaces
  4. Remove excess product with a separate cloth
  5. For additional gloss, wait 10 minutes and repeat application steps

250 ml. (8 oz.)

GTechniq T1 Tire & Trim 250 ml.

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GTechniq T1 Tire & Trim 250 ml.