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GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric 500 ml.

Superior protection for fabric surfaces

GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric is a nano-based coating that blankets your vehicle’s fabric upholstery with the best protection available. Formulated to resist staining caused by coffee, wine, blood, soda, and pet urine, GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric is one of the best investments you can make in interior care. Application of GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric is as simple as spraying on and walking away!

GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric has proven to offer 5 times the durability of other fabric protectants, making it an ideal choice for busy families that don’t always have time to re-apply a fabric protectant every couple weeks. GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric was formulated to be applied to all fabric surfaces, including those found around the house.

GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric coats each individual fiber, leaving the breathability and the feel of the fabric unaffected. Stale air is allowed to escape from the fabric keeping it fresh; however at the same time water or oil-based liquids are instantly repelled from the surface. GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric only takes minutes to apply – simply spray on and walk away!
Before protecting your fabrics and upholstery with GTechniq Smart Fabric, clean them up with GTechniq Tri-Clean!
Use GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric on fabric seats, carpeting, shoes, convertible tops, couches, clothing, and other textile surfaces.

Not for use on suede or leather.

500 ml.

GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric 500 ml.

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GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric 500 ml.