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Grit Guard Dual Wash Bucket Kit

Grit Guard Dual Wash Bucket Kit

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No more wash-induced swirls!

The Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System makes washing your car safer and simpler. With a wash and rinse bucket, you can keep your wash water free of dirt and paint-scratching particles. The Double Dolly ties it all together. Your Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System rolls wherever you need it to make washing easier and more beneficial for your vehicle!

The principle behind the two bucket wash method is simple: by rinsing out the wash mitt before reloading it with soap, much less dirt is returned to the vehicle. Therefore, scratching is less likely. Use the two bucket method once and you'll be hooked. Just look in the rinse bucket when you're done washing for proof positive that the two-bucket method works!

The Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System takes the idea of the two bucket method and makes it a reality - on wheels! Now there's no need to run back and forth from the wash bucket, losing valuable suds along the way. The Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System rolls around with you on multi-directional casters. Your wash and rinse buckets are in easy reach while you work around large vehicles, RVs, and boats.

The Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System includes

2 - 5 Gallon Wash Buckets
Use one bucket for soapy water and one for rinsing. This two bucket method helps keep dirt from being transferred back to the vehicle. Each bucket has its own Grit Guard Insert and Gamma Seal® Lid.

The Grit Guard Inserts trap dirt at the bottom of the buckets to prevent the transfer of dirt back to the vehicle.Grit Guard Inserts
The Grit Guard is a raised grid surface that sits in the bottom of the included 5 gallon buckets. Fill the bucket with your favorite shampoo and water and place the Grit Guard in the bottom. Load your mitt with soapy water and wash as usual. When you dunk the mitt back in the bucket, drag it across the grid to remove dirt that has accumulated in the nap. The dirt will fall between the slats and settle in the bottom of the bucket. Even though you agitate the top water every time you reload the mitt with soap, the Grit Guard stabilizes the water in the bottom of the bucket so the dirt does not rise.

Gamma Seal® Lids
These lids form a watertight seal. You can fill the buckets with water and transport them without the lid leaking! For car collectors who participate in car shows, this is a great feature. Believe it or not, some of these enthusiasts use nothing but distilled water on their vehicles and they’ll actually bring it to the car show if it’s not available on site. That’s dedication! The lids also keep dust out of the buckets when they're not in use.

The Double Dolly is built for rigorous use in demanding work environments. 2 Grit Guard Dollies
No wash bucket is complete without the 5 Wheel Car Wash Dolly! The dolly accommodates any 3.5 - 7 gallon round bucket and has 5 heavy-duty casters capable of supporting up to 250 pounds. The dolly makes your wash bucket mobile so you can easily roll it around a vehicle as you wash it.

Two locking casters hold the dolly still on an incline. Three thumb screws hold the bucket in place inside the dolly. The durable, metal casters turn in any direction to give the wash bucket unlimited maneuverability.

The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector makes it easy to roll your wash buckets within easy reach while detailing. Diamond Plate Dolly Connector
The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector is perfect for detailers who use the two-bucket wash method. One bucket holds the soapy water. The second bucket holds clean water. Each time you need to reload the wash mitt with soap, first dunk it in the bucket of plain water to remove any dirt you’ve removed from the vehicle. Then reload the mitt with soapy water. Continue in this manner until you’ve washed the entire vehicle. You’ll be surprised at how much dirt you’ve kept off the vehicle!

If you use the two-bucket system, you may already have two buckets with dollies, but you still have to move two buckets separately around the vehicle. Keep everything together with the Diamond Plate Dolly Connector. The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector simply connects the two dollies to keep your two buckets side by side, right where you need them.

The Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System is ideal for pro detailers and anyone who is serious about good detailing practices. The system makes the two bucket method truly convenient, and your vehicle will have fewer wash-induced swirls. By using this system, high quality products, and microfiber towels, you'll maintain smoother, swirl-free paint!

System includes:
2 Clear 5 Gallon Bucket
2 Grit Guard Inserts
2 Gamma Seal Lids
2 Grit Guard Dollies
1 Diamond Plate Dolly Connector

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Excellent for those using the 2 bucket method...
Excellent for those who are comfortable with the 2 bucket wash method and the moveable and lockable casters are a huge plus and lastly the grit guards which no bucket can do without.
Personally I use a three bucket method (2 for car wash, one clean water and one wash of choice) PLUS one separate bucket just for the wheels since what's on them from the braking system can really scratch or mar any paint surface quite easily. Its just what really gives me the best results and peace of mind not to mention less paint correction in the long run. Time = MONEY.
ProsFast and easy to assemble. Ready to wash....
Marion, VA
Great buy!
This 2 bucket with dolly combo has been amazing. I have been using them well over 6 months usually 1-2 times a week for washing our cars and couldn't go back to washing without the connected bucket dolly. I picked up a grit guard wash board to go in my rinse bucket and it works perfectly.
ProsBeing able to roll both buckets is very convenient.
Cliffside Park, NJ
its a system
Finally have a system going thanks to this combination of buckets/dolly/grit guard and cap. This makes washing my SUV much easier, a must have if You are a do it your self type of person.
Prosorganized car wash system Color choices
Hill AFB, UT
Mike Phillips
I bought these buckets because I had heard from fellow detail nuts that dirt monsters from my wash mitt hide at the bottom of my wash buckets re-attaching themselves to my mitt when I dip back into my bucket. They then grind themselves into my paint like the sculptors who fashioned Mount Rushmore causing swirls and blemishes in my paint. BUT NOT ANYMORE! After unboxing these bad boys I instantly fell to my knees and wept tears of pure joy, and by "pure joy" I mean "pure Garry Deans infinite use detail juice". I filled these bad boys up with soap and water and began washing right away. Almost instantly (after a wash, clay, and polish of course) my car went from mediocre to a masterpiece. My neighbor, Charlie, he broke his neck when he drove by the house. When I finished, I wiped the Garry Deans detail juice from my face, I looked in my paints reflection, and thats when I saw him behind me.

Mike Phillips. Standing with a Rupes Big Foot LHR15 Mark II in hand. He nodded once in affirmation of the vehicle that was before him. He then turned away fading into the background but not before turning around..and giving one more final glance like any normal car guy would.
Pinetown, North Carolina
This is a great setup. Both wash and rinse buckets attached together on wheels make this item a pure joy to use.
ProsWell made setup.