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Griots Garage Odor Exterminator

Griots Garage Odor Exterminator

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Bring back your carís fresh scent!

Griotís Garage Odor Exterminator is a simple yet effective method to removing the old scents in a car, and instilling a fresh new one. Griotís Garage Odor Exterminator uses a specialized active ingredient that can kill a broad spectrum of odor causing bacteria in the air, leaving behind a fresh scent.

The average person spends about 4.3 years in their car, and in that time you could drive to the moon and back about 3 times. Now imagine having to do all of that with a stinky, musty interior. No, thank you! Griotís Garage Odor Exterminator will remove those smells from your car, leaving your extreme driving experience very pleasant.

Griotís Garage Odor Exterminator uses an active ingredient that removes odor causing bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and neutralizes petroleum odors like gasoline. The smell emanating from those old forgotten gym shoes in the back of your car doesnít stand a chance against that! Old cigarette and cigar smoke smell is easily removed as well.

Using the Griotís Garage Odor Exterminator is extremely easy: Simply remove the foil packet inside the plastic container, and rip along the designated area. Empty contents into the plastic container and add water. Put the mixture in your carís cupholder and let sit for 3-6 hours. After that time, you can remove the mixture and allow the car to air out with the windows down.

Griotís Garage Odor Exterminator is perfect if youíre trying to sell an old car, or if youíve just realized that the smell in your current car could use some treatment.

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Griots Garage Odor Exterminator