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Griots Garage Cleaner Wax

Griots Garage Cleaner Wax

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A cleaner, a polish, and a wax in one!

Griotís Garage Cleaner Wax removes blemishes and protects your paint in one step! Griotís Garage Cleaner Wax contains micro-abrasives that smooth over minor imperfections while real carnauba wax protects and enhances the paint. Griotís Garage Cleaner Wax replaces the need for a dedicated polish and wax, saving you time and effort. Apply Griotís Garage Cleaner Wax by hand or machine.

Depending on how you look at it, Griotís Garage Cleaner Wax could possibly be the only wax you need for your vehicle! The advantage to a cleaner wax like this one is the fact that it contains micro-abrasives and strong chemical cleaners PLUS a high-gloss carnauba wax. The micro-abrasives and cleaners remove oxidation and light imperfections; the carnauba wax protects and enhances the paint.

If spending all day buffing, polishing, and waxing your vehicle isnít your cup of tea, consider Griotís Garage Cleaner Wax. While itís true that nothing beats the shine and durability of a two-step approach, not everyone has the time to invest in the process. Griotís Garage Cleaner Wax polishes and protects in one step, producing results that will satisfy most.

Whether you choose to apply it by hand or machine, Griotís Garage Cleaner Wax will leave your paint looking glossy and feeling smooth.

16 oz.

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Griots Garage Cleaner Wax