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The Grit Guard Insert - Yellow

The Grit Guard Insert - Yellow

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Protect your paint from swirls caused by contaminated wash water.

Most paint swirls are caused by improper detailing techniques. For example, when you wash your vehicle, dirt and sand get trapped in the sponge or mitt. The first time you re-wet your sponge in the bucket, some of the abrasive particles will come off the sponge into the water. Subsequent dips in the bucket will re-contaminate your sponge. These contaminants will then rub against your paint and produce swirls. You know what they say about good intentions…

To get those particles out of your sponge or mitt, you need the Grit Guard Insert. The raised radial surface fits in the bottom of any 5 gallon bucket and extracts grit from your wash mitt or sponge when you drag it across the Grit Guard. The dirt settles at the bottom of the bucket so your wash water stays clean. The Grit Guard has a radial grid surface that scrapes dirt out of your mitt or sponge. Four quadrants at the base of the Grit Guard calm the wash water and hold the grid above the bottom of the bucket. Dirt falls to the bottom and stays there. You’ll be amazed at how much dirt accumulates in the bottom of your wash bucket!

The Grit Guard is a real paint-saver. But it has a number of other uses, too. Use it to clean paint brushes by running the bristles across the grid in a bucket of water or paint thinner. Clean automotive parts or drain your oil filter. You can even use the four quadrants as a grid when laying tile.

The Grit Guard is solvent resistant and durable. It stands 2 ˝” off the bottom of the bucket and measures 10 1/8” diameter, perfect for any 12” diameter bucket. It is available in bright array of colors. The Grit Guard is American-made and patent-pending.

The Grit Guard takes the grit out of your mitt for safer, swirl-free washing. This inexpensive item can save you countless hours and dollars spent removing swirls.

Two Grit Guards are better than one! For optimum paint protection, stack two Grit Guards in one bucket. The stacked grids stand 5” above the bottom of the bucket and stabilize more water. The grit settles to the bottom of the bucket and remains there because the grids prevent the water from being stirred up in the bottom. The addition of a second Grit Guard also provides more clearance between the clean water at the top and the dirty water at the bottom to lessen the likelihood that a stray grain of sand will find its way to the top.

Get two Grit Guards for a special low price! Save $1.99 when you purchase two for $17.99!

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Silicon Valley, CA
Perfect rinseless wash companion
Use this in the bottom of the bucket for your rinseless washes
the polymers in the rinseless solution will capture the dirt and drop it below the grate.
ProsFits my 5 gallon buckets Keeps dirt from scratching the paint
Rotonda West, FL
Great for wash or rinse bucket
I never wash without it.. No point grabbing the dirt and moving it back to the car.. This prevents grit and dirt from getting back onto your sponge or m'fiber mitt.
Cleveland, Ohio
I'm finally doing it right.
Duh, I've been washing cars for 50 years and finally found the Grit Guard Insert. I bought 2 of them and gave one to a friend. He thought it was the greatest gift.
Pekin IL
Grit Guard Insert
Quality plastic material, compatible with 5 gallon bucket
Pros- Easy to insert, remove & clean - Good fit in 5 gallon wash bucket - Durable plastic
Walnut Creek, California
Works Very Well
I was surprised how much grit and grime was at the bottom of the bucket.
In the 5 gallon bucket I used I wished it slid down further.
I will try a different bucket next time
I recommend this product