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Green Rinseless Wash Bucket Kit

Perfect kit for those days you can't use a hose!

The Green Rinseless Wash Bucket Kit is the ultimate guide to washing your vehicle without water! Especially important for those days when the weather is bad but your vehicle needs some freshening up. Grab your bucket, dolly, and BLACKFIRE Rinseless Wash and prepare to be amazed!

Grit Guard Dolly - Green
No wash bucket is complete without the 5 Wheel Car Wash Dolly! The dolly accommodates any 3.5 - 7 gallon round bucket and has 5 heavy-duty casters capable of supporting up to 250 pounds. The dolly makes your wash bucket mobile so you can easily roll it around a vehicle as you wash it.

Grit Guard Insert - Green
With the Grit Guard Insert dirt settles at the bottom of the bucket so your car wash water stays clean. The Grit Guard Insert has a radial grid surface that scrapes dirt out of your mitt or sponge. Four quadrants at the base of the Grit Guard Insert calm the wash water and hold the grid above the bottom of the bucket. Dirt falls to the bottom and stays there. You’ll be amazed at how much dirt accumulates in the bottom of your wash bucket!

5 Gallon Bucket - Black
The 5 Gallon Wash Bucket is a must-have for any detailer, hobbyist or professional. Fill it up with your favorite car shampoo and you’ll have plenty of soapy water to clean your car, large truck, SUV, RV, or boat.

Turn your wash bucket- or other detailing equipment - into official BLACKFIRE gear with the BLACKFIRE Large Logo Sticker. This the same label found on our wash bucket systems. The waterproof sticker is helpful for labeling wash buckets or just to show your BLACKFIRE pride!

BLACKFIRE Rinseless Wash
BLACKFIRE Rinseless Wash washes fuses proprietary Wet Diamond polymers in a rinseless wash to give you the best of both worlds! The Wet Diamond tri-polymer system is extremely slick, allowing dirt and grime to be washed away with out scratching. It also coats the paint in a layer of BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond polymers leaving your paint, trim, and glass slick while creating the whiplash-inducing shine! BLACKFIRE Rinseless Wash is the most advanced rinseless wash today.

Ultra-Soft Microfiber Rinseless Wash Mitt
The Ultra-Soft Microfiber Rinseless Wash Mitt is the first mitt designed exclusively for use with rinseless washes. The long, soft fibers grab surface dirt and dust while using a rinseless wash to safely remove them from the paint. Due to the super soft microfiber, you do not run the risk of marring the paint with surface debris. Don’t let harsh weather, water restrictions, or a lack of microfiber towels stop you from having the cleanest finish you can.

COBRA Guzzler - 16x24
The Guzzler Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towel is a soft, plush waffle weave towel with a strip of silky soft satin sewn around the edges. The satin is just one more safeguard against swirls and scratches. The towel can absorb 7 times its own weight in water! In fact, this towel is 20% plusher than our other waffle weave towels to give it even an even greater capacity for moisture! This towel will leave the inside and the outside of your vehicle spotless!

Kit Includes:
Grit Guard Dolly - Green
Grit Guard Insert - Green
5 Gallon Bucket - Black
BLACKFIRE Large Sticker
BLACKFIRE Rinseless Wash 32 oz.
Ultra-Soft Microfiber Rinseless Wash Mitt
COBRA Guzzler - 16x24

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Green Rinseless Wash Bucket Kit

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Green Rinseless Wash Bucket Kit