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Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel

Now you can enjoy long-lasting Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Protectant Gel in a new HIGH GLOSS formula!

This is the same rich gel protectant found in the original, matte-finish Endurance Tire Protectant Gel, but with the finish kicked up a few notches. Now you can get High Gloss shine in this alternative to the original!

Say goodbye to the old greasy tire dressings of the past. Not only would they not last very long, but application equaled aggravation. Meguiar’s has ingeniously put this gel into a bottle without a spray pump allowing you to control application. The highly advanced polymers (macropolymers and copolymers) bond so well with the tire surface, Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel will not sling off onto your side panels and into your hub caps and rims while driving, leaving the unattractive, hard to remove sludge common with dressings that won’t stay put.

Your tires will look just-detailed-fresh for weeks! The highly water resistant polymer blend causes water to bead off. The gel coating is virtually unaffected by rain, soaring temperatures, and multiple weekly washings. The formula boasts sophisticated antiozonants which help guard against sun exposure and pollutants that cause tires to “yellow” and acquire that brownish film. The only thing you’ll see, when using this product, is a high volume gloss shine that endures. That’s why Meguiar's called this formula ‘Endurance’ High Gloss Tire Gel; because it does more than just last--it outlasts!

So bring on the rain, turn up the temperature, bask in the sun, and wash to your hearts content! With Meguiar’s Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel your tires will look new for weeks, no matter what you or the weather throw at them!

16 oz.

Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel

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By jazzymom
December 3, 2011
Best Tire Gel
This gel has a high gloss, long lasting shine, that is second to none!
By Donald Melrose
October 25, 2011
meguiars gold class endurance high gloss tire gel
This is the absolute best tire shine I have ever used.
By Scott
March 1, 2011
Tire Gel
If your looking for a long lasting tire gel that holds up for longer then a couple days. Then this is a great product. It won't just fade away after 3-4 days, like many other products on the market. It also smells like grapes, lol. Really easy to apply on any tire. Also a bottle will last a every long time, I use it on my mud tires 275/70/R18 and still on my first bottle. I wash a truck and a car twice a month, had the same bottle for over 5 months now.
By Maxime
January 22, 2011
Good product
I dont see any sling when i use this product, give a very shiny finish, bit too much some might say
By Josh@BR
January 15, 2011
Too Much Sling
I was very excited to try this product and I had the perfect chance on a customers white 07 BMW 535Xi. It went on well and had an amazing shine. I let the product sit for about 2 hours and I even wiped off excess and left to return the car to the owner. When I arrived at his house there were black specs of tire shine ALL OVER the sides of the car. Luckily I brought my QD and took care of it but I will never be using this again!
By Louis G
September 7, 2010
Let it dry
This might be my favorite detailing product. It's so easy and the results are so good. Like another reviewer said, it will sling and leave tiny spots around the wheel wells. I find that this is much less if you apply it in the evening and let it dry over night. Even still, I use this all the time. It lasts longer than anything else I have used and it looks fantastic. No detail is complete without tire shine.
By Bambo2888
April 27, 2007
Works Good, but...
Good product, but there is better out there.
By stang97
February 18, 2007
best tire shine
If your looking for great shine use this product. it leaves a buetiful finish on the tires. It last a long time as well. do what the directions say. add another coat for a greater shine. best product I use
By Bob Coco
September 26, 2006
Endurance does sling!
Although I do like Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel, the company is lying when they say it does not sling. It does! I have just resolved myself to taking a short drive after application and then re-wiping the side panels of the car where the Endurance has slung off. Still a good product but I'm not impressed with the false advertising; it makes me question what meguiars says about all of its products.
By Luis Martinez
September 20, 2006
miracle gel
extreme shine that don't come off even tire spining like other brands, and if you use the 62 the tires will keep a satin finish, great product as ussual from Meguiars
By josie
September 2, 2006
By Matt
March 19, 2006
exceptional shine and durability
thick gel applies ample coverage with ease, stays put where you applied it. buff off after 10 minutes and drool at the deep wet shine. lasts for a few weeks. who wants to do their tires every week ? product has a pleasant grape scent !