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Four Star Leather Conditioner

Make your leather upholstery last!

Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner enriches and preserves automotive leather with mink oil, lanolin, and other natural oils. Polycharger polymers provide durable, long-lasting protection. The conditioner restores the leather’s natural moisture levels to maintain its youthful softness and luster.

Polycharger makes it better! Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner contains Polycharger polymers to boost shine, durability, and protection. Polycharger is already added to the formula. Enjoy slicker, shinier results with Polycharger!

Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner is a rich, lanolin-based cream that prevents the drying, cracking, and hardening that occurs as leather upholstery ages. The preservatives and oils used during the tanning process gradually diminish over time. Ultimate Leather Conditioner replaces them with pH-correct, natural oils that are absorbed by the leather’s pores.

Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner leaves the leather looking and feeling more like new leather. It will not leave an oily residue on the seats or an overly shiny finish. The subtle satin sheen looks natural and supple with a pleasant leather fragrance.

Besides moisturizing the leather, Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner provides long-lasting protection with the latest UV inhibitors to prevent drying and fading.

Regularly conditioned leather stays flexible and therefore bounces back from daily wear and tear better than unconditioned leather. If you want to help prevent creases on new leather, start a routine consisting of Four Star Leather Cleaner Gel and Four Star Leather Conditioner.

To apply Leather conditioner, wipe it on the leather using a microfiber or terry cloth applicator. Work the conditioner into the leather. Wait a few minutes for the leather to absorb as much of the conditioner as it will. Then buff the leather with a soft Cobra All Purpose Microfiber Towel.

Moisturize and preserve your vehicle’s leather with a rich, lanolin-based cream. Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner keeps leather looking and feeling like new.

16 oz.

Four Star Leather Conditioner

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Four Star Leather Conditioner