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Four Star Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray Close-Out!

A sparkling detail spray and waterless wash in one!

Special color enhancers and gloss fortifiers in Four Star Gloss Enhancer revive your vehicle’s shine and remove light contamination that hides the shiny finish underneath. The polymer-based quick detailer instantly enhances all colors of paint and makes it possible to maintain a freshly waxed look longer.

The shimmer and shine of a fresh sealant application will last weeks longer with the help of Four Star Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray. Dust and fingerprints find their way onto your vehicle within days of detailing it, but it doesn’t necessarily need rewashing, and who has time anyway? Four Star Gloss Enhancer works a fast-acting waterless wash to loosen light contamination allow fingerprints and smudges to wipe away easily.

Four Star Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray contains an abundance of lubricants to protect the paint finish, especially delicate clear coats, from swirls and scratches. Used with a soft, clean microfiber towel, such as the Cobra Super Plush Deluxe, quick detailing your vehicle to remove light contamination is completely safe.

Four Star Gloss Enhancer’s color enhancers visibly brighten the paint while fortifiers and polymers heighten the shine. Gloss Enhancer works with synthetic products and with waxes. Its water-soluble polymers are as gentle as water on the paint.

To safely apply any detail spray, start at the top of the vehicle and work down and around. Spray and wipe, flipping the towel often. Since the lower panels get the dirtiest, those should be the last areas you touch with the towel. Four Star Gloss Enhancer removes fresh water spots, bugs, dust, pollen, and fingerprints to uncover the clean, shiny finish.

Revive the gloss and slickness of your paint protection Four Star Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray.

16 oz. trigger spray

Four Star Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray Close-Out!

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Four Star Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray Close-Out!