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DP Foam Soap Extreme 128 oz.

DP Foam Soap Extreme 128 oz.

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Boring washes are a thing of the past with DP Foam Soap Extreme. DP Foam Soap Extreme is not just your average soap, it’s a high-sudsing car wash shampoo that provides superior levels of lubrication to prevent your typical washing-induced risks. DP Foam Soap Extreme is pH balanced, so it is safe to use on any previous detailing work that has been applied to the vehicle in the past. Easy-to-use with three different techniques, DP Foam Soap Extreme is a product every car washer can get behind.

Maintaining a car is a lot of work. Maintenance washes may seem easy to do at the time of purchasing a new vehicle… we’ve all been there, “once I get my new car, I’m going to wash it once a week!” Soon, that enthusiasm quickly fades as car washing becomes more of a chore. Let DP Foam Soap Extreme add a little bit of fun to your weekend wash.

What you can expect:
• SUDS! High-foaming formula will blanket your car in bubbles of soap.
• PREVENT! Helps to prevent washing-induced swirls and scratches.
• SAFE! Safe to use on any existing paint coating, sealant or wax.

Car shampoo (and/or soap) causes your paint surface to become lubricated to an extent, but with foam, the lubrication is an insane amount more. Just think about it, would you rather have a bath or a bubble bath? Or at least, what would the lady in your life prefer? Just like your lady (or you, the lady), your car wants the best in what bubbles has to offer. The high-sudsing action of DP Foam Soap Extreme provides levels or lubrication high enough to help prevent washing induced incidents like swirls and scratches. The less lubrication, the easier it is for the towel/mitt to mar the surface.
Whether you're using DP Foam Soap Extreme in a traditional car wash bucket or with a foam gun or cannon, the amount of suds produced will keep your wash SAFE and effective!

High suds of foam also help to quickly remove surface contaminants. Dirt, grime, dust, smudges and other environmental effects are no match for mountains of foam. DP Foam Soap Extreme is pH balanced, meaning it doesn’t have high levels of acid or alkaline. What does that mean? Basically, it means it’s safe for you, the car and environment. Because of this safety factor, you can use DP Foam Soap Extreme on existing paint coatings, sealants or waxes, without it interfering with those products in action.

DP Foam Soap Extreme can be used in three forms. Much like the Revolutionary War, (foam) guns and (foam) cannons can be used. The traditional bucket system is also an effective way to foam the surface.

Directions for use:
For use in Foam Gun or Cannon
1. Get a foam gun or cannon.
2. Mix 2 oz. of DP Foam Soap Extreme into the reservoir.
3. Fill the rest with water.
4. Shake well!
5. Apply to the vehicle’s surface and start washing!

For use in Buckets
1. Mix 2 oz. of DP Foam Soap Extreme with water in a 5-gallon bucket.
2. Activate suds using a strong jet of water.

128 oz.

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