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Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit

Restore yellow, hazy headlights with Flitz!

By popular demand, Flitz has adapted their multi-surface polish into an easy-to-use Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit. Restore cloudy, yellow, oxidized headlights to like-new condition using Flitz polish and buffing ball. This 3-piece kit allows you to repair headlights instead of replacing them!

Dim, dull headlights and taillights can pose a serious safety hazard for drivers and passengers. Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit allows you to restore cloudy, opaque plastic lens covers by polishing away the oxidation that clouds the plastic.

Plastic lens covers are made of polycarbonate, a very hard and durable plastic. As with all plastics, polycarbonate will cloud and yellow as a result of UV radiation and environmental exposure. When this happens, the hazy plastic reduces the amount of light output by your headlights and taillights. Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit can undo the damage and restore optimum headlight performance.

The Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit consists of three pieces: a tube of Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer, a BuffBall, and a scrub pad.

Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer is a mild yet incredibly effective polish. It polishes plastics, paint, coated and uncoated metals – you name it! Used with the Flitz BuffBall, Flitz polish cleans and clarifies the plastic lens cover in minutes. Because the polish and the polishing ball are safe on plastic, you won’t see grooves or distortion in the plastic. You’ll achieve even, smooth results on your vehicle’s headlights and taillights.

The Flitz BuffBall included in the Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit is a patented polishing and buffing ball made of tough Italian Viscose fiber. It fits any standard 3/8-inch drill or air tool and will buff at speeds up to 2,500 rpm. The material polishes without scratching or burning the plastic. The BuffBall is washable and reusable. It does not lint or tear like other polishing balls, and it will last wash after wash.

The Flitz Headlight Kit includes a Buff Ball, Flitz polish, and a scrub pad.

The Flitz Headlight Kit includes everything seen here.

The Scrub Pad is included to polish severely cloudy, acrylic headlights before using the BuffBall.

In addition to restoring headlamps to like-new condition, this same kit can also be used to restore clarity to plastic light bars, bug shields, plastic car and truck windows, plastic airplane windows, motorcycle windshields, and boat windows.


Using just your electric drill, you can successfully restore plastic headlights to like-new condition. The Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit saves you money by restoring your current headlights and taillights, instead of replacing them.

  1. On severely oxidized acrylic lens covers, moisten the scrub pad with water and wipe back and forth over the lens cover. Rinse the lens cover and dry it.
  2. Next, apply a thin layer of Flitz Polish to the headlight lens cover.
  3. With the BuffBall attached to your drill or air tool, buff at a speed of 1800 to 2500 rpm. Buff back and forth using light pressure.
  4. Wipe the headlight clean with a microfiber towel and inspect your work. Repeat this process if necessary.

Kit includes:
1.76 oz. Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer
Flitz BüffBall Polishing Ball
Scrub Pad

Note: The Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit is highly effective on light headlight oxidation. If your vehicle’s headlights are severely clouded and scratched, we recommend the Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning System. This three step system polishes and restores cloudy headlights on older vehicles, which may not respond to the Flitz Headlight Kit. The Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning System also works with your electric drill or air tool.

Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit

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By Scott Johnson
Tempe, AZ
May 1, 2014
Wow!! First headlight kit I found that works.
I have tried many kits on my 2008 dodge van. Up until this kit I didn't have much success. This kit cleaned them up fast and made them look like new. To bad I wasted $60 or so on 2 other kits. Thanks FLITZ!!
By Jesse
Phoenix, Arizona
April 25, 2014
works great
This system works great for removing yellowing form the lens of your headlights and even the oxidation of tail lights when used correctly. you need to use the 1000 grit sanding pad with lots of water to help protect you lens and remove the materials from the work area, then dry it with a clean towel. use a FAST drill and apply a little pressure. I've used it on literally 100's of vehicles in my shop with great results. This is not designed to repair lens that are peeling, or rough, which is a clear sign the polycarbonate is breaking down. For that you need a professional to progressively sand you lens to restore them.
By Ronny
April 28, 2009
not the first choice in plastic restoration
this product performed poorly in attempting to revive a pair of very faded 2001 Audi Allroad headlights. The steel wool did more damage then help and the Flitz polish and ball were useless in providing any clarity or improvement to the plastic lenses.