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FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower - TOOL ONLY

FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower - TOOL ONLYBlast water from your car’s surface with the power of FLEX!

Brought to you from the same people that brought you the FLEX XC3401 – aka, the BEAST – the FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower is the perfect addition to the FLEX collection. Featuring a brushless motor, a turbine fan, variable speed settings, as well as good balance and a lightweight build, the FELX BW-18 Cordless Blower is the easiest way to dry your car – in about half the time it would take to dry with a towel! You already use a FLEX polisher to rid your vehicles of shine-reducing swirls and scratches, make sure you have the FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower for drying after a wash!

Wash with soap and sponge, dry with microfiber towel or chamois, wax with carnauba paste wax. That was the standard car washing method for decades – until new technology and advancements were made, of course! Thanks to the ever-evolving detailing industry, we’re seeing changes to that routine. Instead of a regular car wash, you can use an SiO2-infused wash. And now instead of using your hands and an old chamois to dry, you can use the FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower!

FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower Quick Look:
• Brushless motor.
• 3-speed electronic lock-on switch.
• Compact, handy. Lightweight design.
• Ergonomically shaped soft handle with on/off switch and lock for continuous operation.
• Removable blow tube and nozzle.
• 3 airflow adapters included.

The FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower, unlike standard big box leaf blowers, was designed specifically for the removal of water from your car’s painted, glass, and plastic surfaces. Featuring a brushless motor that promotes increased battery efficiency and a longer motor life, the FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower is (obviously!) cordless and allows you to “cut the cord” so to speak while you’re drying! The high CFM turbine fan quickly blasts water away before it has a chance to dry – avoiding troublesome water spots completely!

Featuring a light-weight build with good balance, the FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower is easy ergonomically sound and easy to maneuver around your car’s tight spots. No more water hiding behind decals and in doorjambs! With a max-MPH speed of 178.95 and a CFM of 3.1 m3/min that water will be gone before it knows what’s happening – and you barely had to lift a finger!

The FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower is compatible with the same FLEX Batteries found with the FLEX Cordless Polishers and can be charged using the same chargers. The FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower does NOT come with a battery or charger, but check out the FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower Complete Kit for the Blower, a 5.0 Ah battery, a charger, extra nozzle accessories, and a storage/carrying case!

The FLEX BW-18 Cordless Blower Technical Specifications:
• Battery capacity: 2.5 or 5.0 amp Battery
• No load speed: 10,600/14,200/18,000 RPM
• Max air speed: 100 CFM
• Weight without battery: 2.65 lbs.

Don’t let the thought was having to hand-dry your car keep you from washing! Use the FLEX BW-18 Blower to BLOW that water away and reveal your perfect finish!

This items DOES NOT come with a battery or charger. Additional discounts are not applicable.