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Flashlight-er & USB Car Charger -White

Flashlight-er & USB Car Charger  -White

Charge your portable electronics on the go with the Flashlight-er!

The Flashlight-er USB Flashlight & Car Charger is an emergency flashlight and a car charger for your portable electronics – all in one! Now you can charge your iPod, phone, PDA and any other hand-held device that has a USB port. Plus, the Flashlight-er doubles as an emergency flashlight that’s always ready.

The Flashlight-er USB Flashlight & Car Charger has three LED bulbs and a diffuser lens. Keep the Flashlight-er in the power port until you need it. Upon removal from the car's power port (formerly called the cigarette lighter), the flashlight automatically turns on! Get instant light any time you need it. The best part is that the Flashlight-er doesn’t occupy a valuable power port. You can charge your handheld electronics using the built-in USB port.

When the Flashlight-er is plugged into your vehicle’s power port, it continuously charges your cell phone, iPod, Blackberry, even the iPhone! The Flashlight-er comes with its own USB cable or you can use the device’s USB cable, as in the case of the iPod. 


The Flashlight-er is a LED emergency flashlight and USB car charger in one!

The compact Flashlight-er USB Flashlight & Car Charger is smaller and more powerful than similar products on the market. The entire unit is 2.4 inches long. The Flashlight-er does not impede the gear shift or other driving functions.

Charge personal electronics quickly and have the peace of mind of an emergency flashlight with the Flashlight-er.

USB cable included.

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