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> Altec Turismo Carbon Fiber Designer License Plate Frame

Altec Turismo Carbon Fiber Designer License Plate Frame

Altec Turismo Carbon Fiber Designer License Plate Frame

Protection and enhancement in one sleek frame.

The Altec Carbon Fiber Designer Turismo Lens Frame combines a sharp Italian design with durable American construction. Tough polycarbonate shields your license plate from impact and dirt, while adding a modern, finished accent to your vehicle. A die-cut rubber gasket seals out dirt while providing a sleek carbon fiber print frame around your license plate.

The Carbon Fiber Tursimo Lens Frame is made of one solid piece of molded polycarbonate that covers the front and sides of the license plate. Polycarbonate is the same material used to make headlight lens covers because of its incredible strength and shatter resistance. The Carbon Fiber Turismo Frame provides the same indestructible protection for your license plate. Keep your plate clean and free of dents while adding a finishing touch to your car.

The design looks like hundreds of woven carbon fiber threads that appear in various shades of black and silver for a 3D quality. It's actually indestructible polycarbonate with a graphic etched from the underside to protect it from the elements. The frame will look fantastic next to any color paint, but especially silver and black.

The Turismo frames are made to fit under your car's existing mounting tabs.The Carbon Fiber Turismo Lens Frame comes with all mounting screws and black screw caps. The flat edge of the frame fits under the mounting tabs on all vehicles to give it a finished, built-in look - like it was meant to be there.

The Carbon Fiber Turismo Lens Frame is 100% clear. This lens frame will not distort or obscure your license plate in any way.

To keep your Carbon Fiber Turismo Lens Frame clear, use Diamondite Plasti-Care every time you detail your vehicle. Diamondite Plasti-Care is an aerosol cleaner, polish and protectant for clear plastics. Regular use will keep the plastic clean, clear, and smooth.

Note: Altec frames are not compatible with Volvos due to the design of the license plate bracket.

Don't forget that we have genuine Altec License Frame Replacement Caps! Over the life of your vehicle, regular wear and the occasional removal of the plate may result in lost caps. Get a set of Altec License Frame Replacement Caps just in case, because replacement parts are always more difficult to find when you need them!