A vehicle’s outside and inside will sparkle when you have Duragloss performance polishes and washes. In 1973, chemist brothers William and Jerry Bailey were unhappy with the automotive polishes available – so they decided to create their own. After two years of research and testing, they formed Brothers Research Corp. to sell Duragloss, which did everything contemporary polishes didn’t: it was easy to use, durable, left almost no residue and produced an ultra-high gloss shine.

Since then, Brothers Research Corp. has introduced dozens of other formulas that produce their signature “wet look” on every square inch of a vehicle. You can use Duragloss for boats, RVs and heavy-duty trucks, too. Autogeek is proud to offer the best Duragloss products that meet our standards for car care performance.

Give Your Car the Ultimate Shine

We have competitive prices and fast shipping on Duragloss aftermarket polishing and cleaning supplies. Duragloss Total Performance Polish remains one of the industry’s best combinations of beauty and toughness. This one-step cleaner and polisher uses a combination of synthetic polymers and traditional wax to form a shiny protective coating that lasts up to 12 months. Other Duragloss products include leather shampoo and conditioner, car wash concentrate, silicone-free tire dressing and Aquawax touch-up spray wax.

Get the trademark “wet look” while saving money with a Duragloss car care kit. These bundles contain all-purpose cleaners, upholstery cleaner, vinyl dressing, a wash bucket and everything else you need for a thorough detailing job. Select a product for expert tips or contact us toll-free at 1-800-869-3011.