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Dr. Colorchip Road Rash Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit

Everything you need for a fast, simple, professional paint chip repair!

Repair paint chips, certain types of scratches, and road rash professionally with Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Systems. Dr. ColorChip's incredible repair process results in smooth, perfectly matched paint with no paint blobs! High quality automotive paint and a proprietary blending solution fill and hide paint blemishes in two simple steps. Depend on Dr. ColorChip to heal your vehicle's paint.

If your vehicle has paint chips, you need a Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair System. The process is easy and the results are as close to perfect as a repair can get. Dr. ColorChip takes your vehicle's finish very seriously. Paints are mixed by hand one at a time to get the perfect match to your factory finish. Dr. ColorChip's blending solution ensures a smooth, blob-free repair that the casual observer will never notice. Professional repair shops, auto auctions, and dealerships all rely on Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Systems for high quality paint chip repair. You can, too.

The paint included with the Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair System Kit is better than any store-bought touch-up paint. It is a unique formulation of high-quality automotive tints and chemicals that, when used properly, allow it to dry very quickly. You can blend away all the excess paint in just minutes, leaving paint only in the chips. The blending solution eliminates blobs so the repair is level with the surrounding paint.

Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Systems are permanent solutions to paint chips, scratches, and road rash! The longest tested Dr. ColorChip paint repair is eight years and counting with no change in the repair paint. It doesn't shrink or change at all. Years from now, your Dr. ColorChip repair should appear just as it does after application.

A paint chip repair won't look good if the paint doesn't match. Dr. ColorChip paints always match. The paints are mixed when they are ordered, not before. When you place an order, you'll supply a factory color code that's found on your vehicle. Dr. ColorChip's technicians use that specific code to mix up a fresh batch of perfectly-matched paint by hand. If the color isn't a match, Dr. ColorChip will work with you to make it right - guaranteed.

Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Systems work better on some blemishes than others. The essential requirement is that the blemish be able to hold paint. Paint chips and deep scratches are great candidates and the repairs almost disappear. Road rash - numerous tiny paint chips - appears nearly invisible once repaired with Dr. ColorChip. Wide scratches, large paint chips, and long key scratches will all improve significantly.

Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Process:

Before repairing the paint, make sure the vehicle is clean and dry. You can use Dr. ColorPrep Paint Prep Solution to remove wax, silicone, and other contaminants that would affect paint adhesion. Generally, it is used to clean the area prior to using a touch up paint. Dr. ColorPrep is sold separately, but can be added to your order in the drop down box below for only an additional $6.95.

Step 1: Apply the paint with a brush. Then lightly smear the paint with your thumb until the paint is flat and flush across the chip. Reapply the paint as needed until the chip is uniformly filled. If smeared properly, the paint will be dry to the touch within a minute. For road rash, the paint may be applied to a T-shirt rag, then smeared across the panel to quickly address hundreds of tiny chips at once. (A T-shirt is best because it is a very flat, smooth fabric.)


Dab on Dr. ColorChip paint.

STEP 2: Use Dr. ColorChip's blending solution to remove excess paint. Apply the solution to a soft, folded T-shirt rag and lightly rub over the excess paint. The paint will begin blending away after a few passes with the cloth. Use a soft microfiber towel to buff off the residual solution to an amazing shine. This process may be done within 2 minutes to 2 hours after applying the paint. Although the paint is dry to the touch, it will still take about a week to fully cure. However, it may be immediately exposed to water without coming out of the chips.

After you've repaired your paint with a Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair System, wax after one week. Avoid machine polishing the repaired area for at least 30 days. When you do need to polish, Dr. ColorChip recommends using a random orbital polisher and foam pads for the best results over the repaired area.


Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Systems are perfect for do-it-yourself detailers and for professional detailers looking to offer a unique and highly valuable service. When used according to the directions, you won't find a faster, more simple and effective way to permanently repair chips.

Smear the paint flush with the surrounding paint.
Remove excess paint with Dr. ColorChip blending solution.

Get a Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair System and get rid of paint chips permanently!

Please submit the following vehicle information with your order: year, make, model, color name, color code.

Click here to learn how to find the color code.

The Dr. ColorChip Road Rash Kit repairs more than 2 dozen paint chips. It includes the following:
1 oz custom OEM match paint (Touch Up Paint)
4oz SealAct™ blending solution
1 ultra paint brush
1 microfiber towel
2 micro brushes
1 white blending cloth
1 chemical-resistant glove
Instruction sheet

This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Express and international shipping are not available.

Dr. ColorChip Return Policy:

Because each paint color is custom mixed when your order is placed, Dr. ColorChip does not accept returns. Unopened bottles cannot be returned. If the color of the paint you receive is incorrect, Dr. ColorChip will work with you to correct the paint color. Dr. ColorChip cannot guarantee that you will be able to repair all types of damage to your satisfaction. Please review the information provided here to determine if this kit is suitable for the type of damage on your vehicle.

Dr. Colorchip Road Rash Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit

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By Michael
May 3, 2017
Exceeded my Expectations!
This is an excellent product and really works. It's important that you get enough (but not to much) paint in the chip. The trick is to have the touch up paint slightly raised so that it can be blended perfectly flat with the rest of the paint. I found that using a finger or the supplied scraper didn't do the trick and it was just best to put the paint in, let it sit for a few minutes then remove. Also, don't let this touch up paint sit for more than 10 minutes otherwise you have to work hard to get it to come off.... I made that mistake.
By Lulu
Madison, WI
April 5, 2017
waste of money
This product did not stay in the chip when the seleant was used to remove the excess. Very watery product and did not even fill in one chip. The product was returned, and yes the company did refund me the price minus the shipping.
ConsI think this product is for deep chips... I had flat chips and every time I used the seleant it removed the paint out of the chip.
By rich
fairfield CT
August 18, 2016
it really works, take some time to practice on small chips but once you get it it works!
it really works, take some time to practice on small chips but once you get it it works!
Constake time to practice
By John
Selden, NY
October 13, 2015
I bought it because I had a pretty large chip in my hood along with a few minor ones. The chip was down to the metal and pretty noticeable. I decided to buy this just to see if it does anything at all. I got it and at first thought it wasn't very good, the paint didn't look that good when i put it over the chips. I then used the blending solution and it looked MUCH better, still not completely amazing but it was bearable. I had a before picture and intended on taking an after when I left it for about an hour. When I came back outside it took me a good 15 seconds of looking for the chip again, it was almost completely vanished. This really is amazing, just make sure you mix the paint VERY well, I would highly recommend this to people, I could not believe how good it came out
ProsTook no time at all. Looks amazing. A good amount of paint for the price.
ConsNot one con
By A5 Owner
June 23, 2015
Price is right and the results are great!
2014 Audi A5, Daytona Grey Pearl...road rash a problem on the nose area and shows as light specks through the dark color. Desperate, but not wanting to pay hundreds for a professional, I bought this kit, stripped the wax off and then lightly daubed the areas to be painted with alcohol just to be sure. Takes a lot of patience and a lot of trial and error to develop your technique. I quite using the brushes almost immediately, waste of time (and the glove actually melts by the way!). By the end I was just putting a glob of paint in the area to cover and very quickly (the paint dries REALLY fast) smearing it with my thumb all over the area (you've got about five seconds max). It's good doing it this way, but also bad. The good is you don't drive yourself crazy doing individual chips and cover quickly, the bad is removing the excess takes a little longer...use plenty of the fluid and go slow so the chemical does the work, it comes off pretty quickly. End result? I was impressed, for the price you're not going to beat it and I think, if you do it correctly, you'll be very happy with the results...I was. Recommended!
ProsVery inexpensive compared to professional painting. Very effective, really hides the chips and looks almost new. Satisfaction of doing a great job and saving yourself a lot of $$$.
ConsIt takes patience, some hard work, and is messy.
By Brad
Panama City, Florida
April 25, 2015
Very Good Product
Paint was a perfect match. Application wasn't as quick as the video. My touch-up of small chips required several applications to get it right. Very pleased with outcome. I would purchase again.
By Jesse
Phoenix, AZ
April 6, 2015
Great kit for smaller chips
I am overall happy with this stuff. It works really well on smaller chips and imperfections. Its easy to use and cleans up well. But don't plan on using it to fill large scratches, it just doesn't cover very well.
ProsWorks good on small stuff.
ConsNot good for larger stuff.
By rlmccarty2000
Fitzgerald, GA
February 15, 2015
It works!
After reading some of the comments posted here I just wanted to throw my two cents at it. I have a Nissan 370Z and it is prone to rock chips on the nose (my third Z car). I bought this kit and after some trial and error I was very happy. It takes patience if you want the best results but doesn't everything? They include plenty of paint for repairs, but don't expect a repainted quality repair. It is way better than the paint repair pens and the stuff the dealer or Walmart sells. Just take your time and work clean and you will create a repair that only you will notice.
ProsIt works Saves your car from rust
ConsNeeds a few more brushes, but they sell more cheaply
By Erica S.
West Palm, FL
December 17, 2014
Unbelievable results!
I had a rather large stone chip on my hood and can't believe the results from a product at this price. I have a nice car and this did the trick on my Audi!
By devon
Peoria, AZ
September 20, 2014
Great product
Used this product to touch up some scratches on the side of my car. Paint matched perfectly and it was easy to use.
ProsFast and easy
By Jeff
York, PA
September 12, 2014
An effective fix for road rash
The hood looks great from far away, up close the larger bare metal chips are painted, but not completely filled in. Considering the cost and time invested, Dr. color chip works.
By Scott
Homer Glen, IL
May 10, 2014
Covers the chips but...
The product does cover the chips, but far from fills them in. As I apply several more layers I can see the chip diminishing. Still it's a simple process and beats the way I use to do it.
By Bruce
Port St Lucie, Fl
May 4, 2014
Great for scratches!
Works best on scratches. Chips and "pocks" are more difficult and require multiple applications, but this was made clear prior to purchase.
ProsAbsolutely great for scratches and minor road rash.
ConsDifficult to "fill" chips.
By Carmelo
October 25, 2013
Results are Better than expected
Used Dr. Colorchip to repair lot of chips on the hood created while passing, literally, across a gravel rain. Color matched 100%. Followed manufacturer instructions, the product really work.
By MarkD
July 7, 2013
Very nice results
While my initial order from Dr C-Chip had a Paint Color sent that was off (too grey-green) from matching my Summit White 1997 Tahoe's Paint Color, this appeared to not be a problem with these folks failing to properly match the color, but an apparent snafu with paint databases, and that apparently there were two slightly different hues of Summit White, dependent upon who the Paint Manufacturer was, and perhaps also what year the vehicle was? Summit White apparently is a quite common color that had been used on many different GM vehicles over a period of many many years. Anyway, the Dr C-Chip folks worked with me in a very helpful way, some samples were sent to them, and they then very closely matched my paint color. There's a small learning process, to become accustomed to how much dry time is needed, which is not very long. Within a few minute's time, the paint under normal temps was dry enough to begin leveling, and removing excess Paint with the Sealact Solution included in the Kit. The Sealact Solution IMO was very easy, and forgiving to work with, that it allows a slow, and gradual removal of leveling, and was considerably much easier to use than other Paint Touch Up Systems that I've previously tried, such as Langka. Once I learned the best dry time, and how to finesse the leveling with the Sealact Solution I was getting quite impressive final results! Some chips I had a quite hard time, going back, and trying to find where they were? From as close as just a couple feet away, many became undetectable. I highly recommend this product, it is one which I think should be in every car lover's arsenal. I give this product 5 stars.
May 27, 2013
Not Worth It for Medeocre Results
Paint is too thin. Drys too quickly and sticks to glove. At this price you've still got to buy acetone to clean the brushes. A bottle of old style touch-up paint is better than this . It's just another gimmick to get your money for nothing. Call me a sucker, I bought kits for two different cars.
By Rick Elliott
February 8, 2013
Happy Face
Used Dr.Color chip today on my 2011 enferno orange metallic Z06 Vette.Product did exactly what it was made to do.paint match is perfect.Used tshirt method on road rash ,and I am more than happy with results.highly recommend this product.
By Maryjo Philbin
August 18, 2012
Amazing and Easy
I don't consider myself someone who is good with detail type products but the purchase of this kit and the results I was able to achieve were fantastic!! Very easy, simple instructions and great results! Finally a product that does exactly what it claims. Thank you.
By Wendy S.
February 6, 2012
Excellent for road rash
I bought this for my husband's metallic midnight blue Porsche as a Christmas gift. His car had literally hundreds of little chips all across the front of the hood and the bumper. It looked like he had followed a gravel truck around for weeks having white "dots" all over it. He used this kit and now we cannot see those dots anymore unless we get up really close to look. It is not a brand new hood but the repairs are very hard to even notice except for the few chips where he had previously used the Porsche touchup paint from the dealer which had left little globs. Very happy overall with this product and would definitely use it again.
By stev
January 10, 2012
Not So Good
If its too good to be true it usually is and this product is no different. Didn't apply easily and didn't color match pearl white metallic even closely. Turned out grayish when dried. Don't Waste Your Money. Two Stars is being generous.
By Corey
November 16, 2011
Excellent Product!
It works as advertised. I have used both this and regular touch up paint you order from a paint shop. This system after a couple tries becomes very easy to use. The first time you use to much pressure with the seal act solution but then learn your lesson and reapply using less pressure with the sealant or allowing the paint to dry longer before using it. Just read the directions and your set. I was hoping I could use the sealant solution with other touchup paints as well since this kit is so expensive. Unfortunately it does NOT work with competing paints or at least not with the one I tried. Understand it may not match perfectly on metallic paint but no other touchup will either.
By Anthony
November 11, 2011
I'm a believer!
I was totally skeptical about this product, but now I believe!! I bought a kit for my blue Odyssey and my grey Corolla. On both vehicles there were chips that absolutely disappeared! Some others were larger and deper, so you can still tell there was touch up work done, but that is fine with me. It does an amazing job and anybody can do it! I had the front bumper on my '05 Corolla XRS repainted. The problem was the front spoilers around the fog lights were not painted as well, so they were pretty chipped up. I used this product to essentially fill in the bazillion chips on those pieces and they came out looking awesome! I took 40,000 miles off those spoilers in a matter of minutes. I even had my 7 year old son helping me out and he was able to get results too! I don't encourage people to buy miracle products very often, but this is one that I think every car owner should have. It is better than a bottle of touch up paint and some sand paper, that's for sure!
By gpeng
July 12, 2011
No luck
Was hoping it would save me, but nope, after 8 layers, nothing, cured for 2 min. to 2 hours... I threw it out, there goes 60 bucks... lesson learned
November 15, 2010
Good Product
This is a very good product. They perfectly matched a VERY obscure color (Jupiter Red for a 1985 Lotus Turbo Esprit - Less than 150 ever produced in this color). The process is a little more difficult than the description leads on, and the results are not quite as perfect as advertised, but nonetheless it does greatly reduce the appearance of paint chips. Will buy again for my next car.