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Dr. Beasley’s NSP Z1

Reflective paint correction in just one step!

Dr. Beasley’s NSP Z1 is a one-step primer and nanocoating designed for new or lightly contaminated vehicles. Dr. Beasley’s NSP Z1 works best on cars that don’t need a high degree of paintwork correction as it contains a unique nanostructure. The formula of Dr. Beasley’s NSP Z1 is made with TiO2, SiO2 and engineered abrasives.You can even apply your favorite Dr. Beasley's coating over top of Dr. Beasley’s NSP Z1 for added protection and longevity!

Dr. Beasley’s NSP Z1 is a nanocoating, making the surface of your vehicle scratch resistant with improved hardness. As a nanocoating, it will also make your car easy to clean, protect against staining and etching, while still producing a sharp, hydrophobic gloss. The nanocoating that makes up Dr. Beasley’s NSP Z1 has a resin-based formula that contains SiO2 and TiO2.

But what exactly are theses SiO2 and TiO2 compounds that it contains? You may have heard of SiO2. SiO2 brings you water beading capabilities and shine, as well as durable protection. TiO2 is not as common. TiO2 is found in nanocoating’s and is scientifically called titanium dioxide. This compound is white in color with reflective properties. This means that TiO2 can scatter and absorb UV rays, while also heightening brightness, all while being non-toxic and non-reactive. Therefore, with the combination of these two compounds, you get enhanced durability, protection, water beading and shine.

Dr. Beasley’s NSP Z1 is also made with microsphere abrasives that blend together several grades of cutting, buffing and finishing particles in one to achieve a multi-step shine in just one step, hence why it is referenced as a one-step primer. The larger microspheres cut, the smaller microspheres buff and the diminishing ones finish. All these microsphere abrasives lead to deep reflectivity.

-For best results, conduct a thorough decontamination prior to application.
-Starting with a panel or small area, conduct 5-8 section passes using a foam pad and machine buffer at a medium speed.
-Wipe away with a clean microfiber towel and visually inspect paint with a powerful light to observe results.
-Repeat steps 2-3 on each panel or small area until all paintwork has been buffed to desired results.

After Care:
-To ensure durability, wash every 2 weeks with Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash and rejuvenate every 3 months with Dr. Beasley's AdvanceCoat: Gloss. With proper after-care, NSP Z1 protection can last a year or more on even a daily driver.

8 oz.

Dr. Beasley’s NSP Z1

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Dr. Beasley’s NSP Z1