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Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat - New Look & Bigger Size!

Now comes in an easy-dispense squeeze bottle for even easier application! And you get double the Plasma Coat than the original 4 oz. jar!

Highly durable and VOC free with instant protection.

Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat is the first nano coating that's entirely VOC free, making it the most environmentally and consumer safe paint protection product ever. Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat has been formulated without compromise and will perform just the same as a standard paint coating - protection measured in years! Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat is easy to use, requires no cure time and always provides a very rich and satisfying shine.
Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat can be applied directly over emblems and raised edges for a quick and easy treatment.

Paint coatings are quickly becoming the standard when it comes to paint protection. They provide an excellent balance of protection, durability and most importantly, shine! Unfortunately, many paint coatings are manufactured using heavy solvents that emit harmful chemicals - called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can cause long-term health hazards.

Dr. Beasley's set out to find a paint coating that matches a standard paint coating's durability and shine, without the harmful chemicals, and the PlasmaCoat was born! Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat is water-based and is formulated using multifunctional plasma technology. Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat isn't a wax, and it isn't a paint sealant - it's plasma.

Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat bonds instantly with the treated surface and requires no cure time. Not only is Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat VOC-free, it starts paint protection immediately! It doesn't matter if it starts raining as soon as you're done applying the coating - it's already starting protecting!


Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat produces a layer of protection that will last up to one year, and requires minimal maintenance. Wrap your paint in Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat and enjoy protection and a shine like never before!

4 oz.

Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat - New Look & Bigger Size!

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Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat - New Look & Bigger Size!