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McKee's 37 Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner

Cleans virtually every exterior surface!

The exterior of your vehicle is made up of roughly 5 or more different materials: various plastics, rubber, painted metal and/or fiberglass, and any number of polished, plated, or coated metals. You could buy cleaners for each of these surfaces, or you can buy one bottle of McKee's 37 Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner.

This all-purpose cleaner will replace multiple products in your garage.

Spray Cleanse-All into a wheel well
Cleanse-All is a popular choice for cleaning wheel wells
Scrub using a long handled brush
Spray and then agitate using a long-handled tire brush

McKee's 37 Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner works as a:

  • bug & tar remover
  • wheel cleaner
  • tire cleaner
  • engine degreaser
  • convertible top cleaner
  • vinyl & plastic cleaner
  • chrome cleaner

McKee's 37 Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner can be used full strength or diluted to suit your cleaning task. This strong alkaline cleaner is powerful enough to cut through grease on engines and baked-on brake dust on roughcast aluminum wheels. Tar, sap, and bugs will break down in a matter of seconds so you can wipe your paint clean.

The only exterior surfaces that should not be cleaned by McKee's 37 Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner are clear surfaces, including plastic lens covers, windows, and the windshield.

A car wash doesn’t always cut it. To get the functional parts of your vehicle completely clean – the engine, the wheels, the wheel wells – you need the aggressive cleaning power of McKee's 37 Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner. Gentle agitation allows the cleaner to pull contaminants out of porous or pitted surfaces so they rinse completely clean.

Use McKee's 37 Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner instead of a garage full of specialized cleaners. It often works better, costs less, and it certainly takes up less space in the garage!


If your vehicle has coated, billet, or anodized wheels, simply dilute McKee's 37 Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner 1:1 with water. For all other wheels, tires, and convertible tops, spray the surface with water and then spray it with the cleaner. Agitate the surface with a brush. Rinse surfaces thoroughly with water. Do not allow the cleaner to dry on any surface.

To remove bugs and tar, spray the spot and wait 30 seconds. Wipe off with a clean towel.

Clean engine compartment by spraying cleaner onto a cool engine. Agitate with a brush and rinse thoroughly.

To clean door jambs, chrome, and colored plastic, simply spray and wipe.

16 oz.

McKee's 37 Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner

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18 Reviews
83% (15)
17% (3)
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39% Recommend this product (7 of 18 responses)
By Frank
West Dundee IL
July 28, 2016
Mckee's 37 Cleanse
This product worked very well on sap
By Chad
Marion, Ohio
August 23, 2015
Great Cleaner
Got a free sample of this stuff ordering some Ultima products. Used this to clean the exterior rubber trim and black plastic before apply Ultima Tire and Trim Guard Plus and the gunk and built up it removes is great. Nice clean surface to treat with protectant. Also does a good job of removing bug stains off the front bumper and headlight area.
ProsEasy to use and is a good multi purpose cleaner
By Jeramey
June 10, 2015
best all purpose cleaner .
I use this on just about everything from lawn chairs to bug removal. My rubber floor mats were completely soiled after winter with mud and salt stains , sprayed them with this stuff let it sit for 20 minuets and hit them with the hose . Looked like.the day I rolled out of the dealer ( no scrubbing ). Make sure to rinse good after using as this is very soapy .
By Adam
Auburn, Alabama
February 8, 2015
Great on tires and trim
I've used this for cleaning plastic trim, wheel wells and even my tires for the longest time. Works amazing on tires! The dirt and dust just melts away before you even start with a brush. The bottle does go quicker than I first thought though but I used it generously every time.
Prosyou can use it on anything price
By Michael
Gastonia, NC
October 24, 2014
Works well when used as directed!
Like a nuclear bomb for your exterior surfaces. Works wonders with cleaning most vehicle surfaces. Removed polish and wax residue from rubber gaskets without problems. Also, works to remove adhesive residue on paint from taping, which is a cool application of a paint-safe product. Unfortunately, this product WILL lightly corrode aluminum trim if applied. I accidentally covered some at full strength in the process of removing adhesive residue, and the product caused a clouding of the trim. Was able to lightly polish back to a shine (and a few scratches, but that was my fault... polishing new trim often comes with that risk if not surgically clean). On the product directions, it does say to dilute 1:1 for billet aluminum. I suppose it didn't click with me to avoid all aluminum surfaces at full strength. Oh well... Also, the Cleanse-All apparently does not work well with glass and clear plastics like Lexan... so use with caution.
Pros+Amazing at removing most contaminants from most surfaces +Did not visibly alter paint's reflectiveness
Cons-will react with and cloud polished aluminum at full strength... be careful
By Dave
Rockford, Illinois
June 23, 2014
this stuff works!
I figured I would first try this in the engine bay area just to see what kind of degreasing power it really had, it worked so well under the hood I think I could dilute it a bit(1:1) and still get plenty of cleaning power from it!
By Michael
Littleton, CO
March 31, 2014
Great Product
This product exceeded my expectations. I used it on the trim of my car, tires, wheel wells, and the engine bay and it worked great.
ProsWorks great Easy to use Produced a great clean look
ConsThe sprayer was bad and leaked a little of the product (not a big deal).
By Pat
April 25, 2012
Great for grimy door jams
As the title states, I use this mainly for nasty door jams. Douse everything once and let it sit for a few seconds, hose it down, and repeat. Takes little/no scrubbing so youre not ruining an insane amount of rags. Have found a few things it didn't take off but still a great product
By tw33k2514
November 18, 2011
Great product
I literally watched the bugs, and stuck on road gunk melt away after spraying this stuff onto a panel of my truck. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good bug/tar remover.
By Jon V.W.
September 27, 2011
I detail a neighbors full size van every year after they come back from their lake house. With the whole front end covered in bugs, it's a nightmare. I sprayed the whole front end with Cleanse-all and the bugs just started melting off. With a little agitation they all came off with relative ease. Works amazing for tires (way better than Simple Green) and wheel wells to! I can't wait to try it on my engine bay and door jambs. Amazing product!!
By Jeremy C.
July 13, 2009
Great cleaner!
This stuff works incredibly well! It has a little trouble with tar, but dirt, bugs, and old tire dressing don't stand a chance. Most impressive was it's ability to easily COMPLETELY clean tires! Afterwards, I would rub my finger firmly on the sidewall and couldn't get any black off. This will be your Goo Gone, wheel cleaner, and engine degreaser, all in one reasonably priced bottle.
By Juan
September 8, 2008
sap saver
I had just finished detailing my car, went out, and parked it under a tree (doh!) After dinner my wife asked, did it rain? There are lots of little rain drops on the windshield... Anyway, sprayed the car down with DP Cleanse-All Exterior, wiped with my micro-fiber towel, rinsed down and dried off the car. Sap = gone. This stuff is awesome!!!
By Juan
September 8, 2008
sap saver
I had just finished detailing my car, went out, and parked it under a tree (doh!) After dinner my wife asked, did it rain? There are lots of little rain drops on the windshield... Anyway, sprayed the car down with DP Cleanse-All Exterior, wiped with my micro-fiber towel, rinsed down and dried off the car. Sap = gone. This stuff is awesome!!!
September 5, 2008
Great Product
First time user... Great product on wheels, tires, bugs, tar, and anything else.
By Jeff F.
September 4, 2008
Great Product
I used DP Cleanse for the first time today and I love it. It cleaned the wheels, took off bugs, and cleaned everything else it touched. I highly recommend this product. I finally found a product that works.
May 29, 2008
Great Product
Worked incredibly well on wheels (i.e. much better than a brand-name wheel specific cleaner I had). Simply spray on and rinse with no scrubbing! Very versatile as I used it to clean up around the doorjambs, on the exterior vinyl, and on various components under the hood.
By KG21
January 22, 2008
Great All-Purpose Cleaner
This is a great all-purpose exterior cleaner. I use it everywhere -- engine, wheel wells, wheels, bugs and grime, etc. It can even be diluted with your car wash shampoo of choice to remove old wax. Does not harm plastic or rubber trim. Another great DP product!! Highly recommended!!
By Mike S.
April 6, 2006
Good Stuff
I purchased two bottles of the DP Ext. Surface Cleaner w/o ever using it before. I am extremely happy with the results. It cleaned up my wheels & tires and I also used it to clean my engine. I will definitely refill my stock when I run out.