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DP Wheel Glaze

DP Wheel Glaze

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Wheel-y good glazing action!

Wheels take the brunt of the damage on your vehicle, so let them know how much you care with DP Wheel glaze. DP Wheel Glaze seals the surface of your wheels against brake dust, dirt and road grime. DP Wheel Glaze is a resin-based product for extreme weather exposure, adding an extra layer of protection. With its water beading capabilities- water and the contaminants it carries, will slide right off. Wheels go around and around on the ground, pavement, muddy roads, gravel, or wherever your drives may take you. It is important to protect them from environmental hazards, whether that is dust, dirt, mud, road grime or anything that can find its way to your once shiny wheels. Not only do you need clean wheels, you need protected wheels so that they stay clean.

What you can expect:
• PROTECTS! Brake dust, dirt, road grime and other environmental hazards will be left in the (literal) dust.
• RESIN-BASED! Extra protection against extreme weather exposure.
• HYDROPHOBIC! Intense water beading keeps your wheels looking clean.

Protection from environmental hazards is something you can expect from DP Wheel Glaze. Environmental hazards happen every time you step (or in this case, roll) out into the world. Wheels are obviously the closest part of your vehicle to the ground, so they are likely to take the brunt of the damage. And not everyone pays attention to the wheels, so it is usually the last place you think needs to be cleaned, when in reality, it is probably the dirtiest. DP Wheel Glaze cleanses your wheel’s surface, making it look as good as new.

DP Wheel Glaze is resin-based. Although resin-based may remind you of very different scenarios, in this one, it’s a good thing. Resin in the product will cause the liquid to harden and create an extra shell of protection. This protection not only keeps it clean from these pesky environmental hazards we keep talking about, but it also protects against extreme weather exposure, like snow, winter air and damaging UV rays.
Applying DP Wheel Glaze is as easy as rubbing on, allowing to dry, and wiping away! You'll have freshly protected wheels in no time!

Besides cleaning and protection, DP Wheel Glaze will leave your wheel surfaces with a super slick finish with an intense gloss. Everyone will assume you bought new wheels! What’s special about this finish is that it has the phrase every product aims to have: water-repelling. Water will always find its way to your newly cleaned surfaces, it’s practically a law. But with DP Wheel Glaze the water and the filth that may come with it will slide right off.

Directions for use:
1. Make sure you are in the shade and that the wheels are cool to the touch.
2. Clean the wheel using DP Dual Action Tire & Wheel Cleaner (follow directions on bottle).
3. Rinse and dry DP Dual Action Tire & Wheel Cleaner completely.
4. Once dry, use a poly-foam applicator to apply DP Wheel Glaze to the wheel surface in a thin, even coat.
5. Allow to dry to a haze.
6. Buff away with a clean microfiber towel.

8 oz.

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Pittsburgh, PA
Give this product a try
Applied the wheel glaze to all four of my wheels with the foam applicator with very little effort on my part. Allowed the product to sit and dry and took a black microfiber towel and easily wiped off. Wheels look simply terrific!
ProsReally easy to apply and wipe off...no left over residue at all!
Fernandina Beach, FL
5 stars for Now
Used this for the first time on Lexus double-five spoke 19" rims which are have polished and painted surfaces. An intricate (meaning "headache") design to work with but the product spreads easily, hazes quickly and buffs off easily. There was a very noticeable difference between the rims just cleaned and the glazed ones. No hazing or streaking. I used Wheel Wax but this was at least as easy to apply and the polished effect is brighter. Also, a little goes a long way. So all fine so far. Will see how long it lasts but I suspect a few applications and it will be as durable as anything on the market.
Prossee above
Consnone - so far
Virginia Beach, VA
Wheel Wax
This product works very well, it leaves a instant noticeable shine and the protection is very good.It is a lot more protection then you would get with most of the spray waxes.I would recommend removing right after application if applying in the sun or it will be a pita if left on too long.The results of this product are worth any extra effort .Highly Recommend.
ProsReally improves wheel appearance and real protection
ConsThis would work better in a liquid wax bottle as opposed to the container it's shipped in.
Easy to use, nice look to it
I've never used a wheel wax or glaze before but I have to say, this was fairly easy to use and added nice shine to my rims. Seems to be cutting down on the accumulation of break dust as well.