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DP Paint Coating

DP Paint Coating

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Who says your car can't be a work of art?

No matter your skill level, DP Paint Coating is a product that everyone can use to give their car a slick, high-gloss, protected shine. DP Paint Coating not only looks good, but also repels and sheets water, preventing water and other types of staining. The ceramic based protection of DP Paint Coating will last you up to one year!

A Paint coating is one of the most advance steps in the detailing procedure that is crucial to the overall appearance of the car, but also can sound the most intimidating. You spend time debating what color car you want to get before you even get to the dealership, so color is important to you, it's one of the deciding factors. Don't let that color fade, take hits of UV damage or be littered with stains, use DP Paint Coating.

What you can expect:

• PROTECTION! No more staining thanks to its powers of water sheeting and its protection against UV rays.
• THE LOOK! Worthy of stares with its slick, high-gloss finish.
• EASY-TO-USE! Though a paint coating may sound intimidating, this one is not.

There are a lot jargon words out there in the world of detailing, a couple of those are water beading and water sheeting. Water beading is when water (from rain, sprinklers or what have you) hits the surfaces of your car in tiny ball droplets. This is a good thing, not only because it looks really cool, but also because those tiny droplets will roll off your car, preventing the water and all the contaminants that come with it, from staining. The thing about water beading is that it works best when your car is in motion, so that the rolling is natural or rolling thanks to a slanted panel. If your car is stationary or the water falls on a flat panel, the beads have nowhere to roll and will end up leaving some water spots. So, water beading is good, water sheeting is even better. With water sheeting, the surface has to be so slippery and slick that the water will literally 'sheet' or slide off your surface no matter the angle or its motion. With DP Paint Coating, your surface will be that slippery to allow for the magic that is water sheeting. Thanks to water sheeting, there is a much less chance of any type of staining as nothing will latch onto the surface due to water. DP Paint Coating also protects against harmful UV rays. These rays can cause the car's color to fade, making the car look older and more worn out than it actually is.

DP Paint Coating is a ceramic-based coating that will turn heads with its slick, high-gloss shine. Ceramic-based coating is another mouthful of detailing jargon! A ceramic-based coating is a liquid polymer that once it is applied to the vehicle, it chemically bonds with the car's paint, creating a layer of protection. A ceramic-based coating makes the car easier to clean, protects it from oxidation (due to UV damage), protects it from chemical stains and enhances gloss. Thanks to this ceramic-based formula in DP Paint Coating, your car will look even better than imagined and will require a little less maintenance. You will know of the protection; onlookers will see the slick paint color with a shimmering finish.
Applying DP Paint Coating is easier than any other coating on the market!

Unlike most coatings, DP Paint Coating is sprayed directly onto the surface. Spread DP Paint Coating evenly across the surface with a coating applicator to make sure its level and consistent.
Unlike most coatings, DP Paint Coating is sprayed directly onto the surface.
Spread DP Paint Coating evenly across the surface with a coating applicator to make sure its level and consistent.

Then just use a microfiber towel to buff the surface until DP Paint Coating disappears!
Then just use a microfiber towel to buff the surface until DP Paint Coating disappears!

A paint coating may sound like a scary application, after all, it deals with the prized glory that is your shiny paint job. However, DP Paint Coating makes the process a lot less scary and easy for anyone at any stage of detailing experience to do. This particular coating comes in an easy to use spray bottle, where all you have to do is spray the product onto the surface and work into the paint with an applicator until the product disappears. Once you can no longer see the product's remains on the surface, buff away to a dry finish. One thing to note, for best results, it is important that before you even reach the step of paint coating, that your car is properly washed, dried, decontaminated and polished (if necessary). If you can do all these steps, DP Paint Coating will protect your car for up to one year!

*For best results, before the application of any paint coating, the vehicle should be washed, decontaminated (mechanically or chemically) and polished if necessary. The clearer the paint, the better DP Paint Coating will look*

1. Make sure you are working on a cool surface out of direct sunlight.
2. Prep the surface using DP Coating Prep Polish or DP Coating Prep Spray (see bottle for instructions).
3. Spray DP Paint Coating directly onto the coating applicator.
4. Spread evenly using a coating applicator.
5. Work into surface until the product disappears.
6. Use a clean microfiber towel to buff away excess.

4 oz.

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