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DP Compound and Polish Pad Kit

DP Compound and Polish Pad Kit

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Polishing & compounding made easy!

With the DP Compound and Polish Pad Kit, you’ll wonder why you haven’t always had these products ready to go. DP Compound is made to remove moderate to server paint imperfections. Use it with the DP Orange Cutting Pad for maximum correction power. Then move on to DP Polish to remove light swirls and holograms. Use it with the DP White Polishing Pad for the best results.

Items in this kit:

DP Compound
If you want your car free of imperfections, then you want DP Compound. DP Compound is the first step to perfect paint with the ability to remove moderate to severe paint imperfections. In addition, DP Compound leaves the surface with enhanced original paint clarity, while also prepping the surface for a follow-up polish. DP is body-shop safe, DP Compound does not contain any fillers or silicone.

DP Polish
DP Polish is your answer to removing mild paint imperfections. DP Polish can remove light swirls and holograms, as well as, remove any existing wax or other protective products. DP Polish brightens up your paint to a high-gloss, mirror like shine. DP Polish does all of this without the use of fillers or silicones, making it body shop safe.

DP 5.5.” Orange Cutting Pads
The DP 5.5” Cutting Pad is designed to remove medium to heavy paint imperfections. The imperfections that the orange DP 5.5” Cutting Pad can correct are, swirls, light scratches and mild oxidation. It is recommended to use the DP 5.5” Cutting Pad with DP Compound for maximum correction power!

DP 5.5” White Polishing Pad
The DP 5.5” Polishing Pad is a white pad that will remove paint imperfections, such as high swirls, micro-marring and water spots. DP 5.5” Polishing Pad will also, as the name suggests, bring your surface to a high shine. For best results, use with DP Polish. You can also use the DP 5.5” Polishing pad with DP All-In-One Polish & Seal to remove minor imperfections, polish and seal, all in one easy step.

Kit includes
1 16 oz. DP Compound
1 16 oz. DP Polish
2 DP 5.5.” Orange Cutting Pads
2 DP 5.5” White Polishing Pad

A total retail value of $67.94 Save $54.99!

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DP Compound and Polish Pad Kit