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DP Coating Prep Wash

DP Coating Prep Wash

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A wash to wash away it all!

When you want a completely washed car, washing free of a pre-existing waxes or sealants, you need DP Coating Prep Wash. DP Coating Prep Wash is two detailing steps in one! DP Coating Prep Wash not only cleans the car of contaminants, but is also powerful enough to remove leftover waxes, oils and sealants. DP Coating Prep Wash is great for when you want to start your detailing process of coating from the beginning. Safe to use on all exterior surfaces of paint, glass, metal and plastic, DP Coating Prep Wash is high sudsing and prevents washing-induced damaged.

Most of the time when washing a car, you want a car wash that protects your car’s pre-existing coating, sealant or wax. However, sometimes you just need to start fresh, change it up or maybe it’s just time to re-do your wax, coating or sealant. DP Coating Prep Wash not only gives your car a good wash, but it also prepares your car for a new application, after taking off all remnants of the original.

What you can expect:

• CLEAN! Rids your car of contaminants thanks to its high lubricating formula.
• REMOVES! Takes off all leftover waxes, oils and sealants.
• SAFE! Use on all exterior surfaces without any potential damage.
Kill two birds with one stone by prepping while you wash with DP Coating Prep Wash!

First and foremost, you want a car wash to actually clean your car. With DP Coating Prep Wash, your car gets an intense clean thanks to its high lubricating formula. This formula creates soapy suds that make it easy gliding for your mitt/towel to go across the surface, thus preventing washing-induced swirls and scratches. This sudsy concoction will safely rid your car of the contaminants like dirt, dust and road grime that are plaguing its surface.

Not only does DP Coating Prep Wash clean your car in the traditional sense, but it also removes any leftover waxes, oils and sealants. This comes in great need when you want to start fresh with your car, whether because it is time for a fresh coat or if you want to try something new. Once DP Coating Prep Wash washes away all the old coatings, you are ready for the application of a new one!

DP Coating Prep Wash is formidable, but also very safe. This product is non-abrasive and water-based, so there is no cause for concern when using DP Coating Prep Wash on all your exterior surfaces, such as paint, glass and clear coated wheels.

1. Make sure you are out of direct sunlight and working on a cool surface.
2. Add 2 oz. DP Coating Prep Wash to a 5-gallon bucket.
3. Activate suds using a strong jet of water.
4. If needed, add an extra ounce of product to your wash mitt for more lubricity.
5. Wash your vehicle as you normally would, working from top to bottom, one section at a time.
6. Do not allow to dry on surface! Rinse away completely.
7. Dry surface completely.

16 oz.

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Media, PA
Great item! And not just for coating prep!
I've used other coating prep washes and didn't like them. Doubling up on hyper wash or any chemical guys soap worked better. Bought this on a whim and I think it works very well for it's intended purpose. Works great for wax and polymer coatings, as expected not so well on most ceramic sprays unless they're close to worn out. Road film, bugs, tar, definitely are easier to budge.

Onto a great off label use... Greasy towels! And ceramic spray towels! I usually throw them in separate wash buckets to soak while I finish a car before they harden or really set up. They still aren't easy to clean and require a presoak. I generally use rags to riches, which works well but I usually have to soak, rinse, soak if they're really bad with it.. until this! I use it as the pre soak detergent half ounce to an ounce and the grease, tar, dirt or ceramic just melts away from the towels! I love it!
ConsWear long gloves, definitely a strong soap.
Does what it should
Oxford white Ford Fusion I was very impressed my car is very bright now.
ProsAbsolutely worth a try for anyone you will never use dish soap to try to strip wax , oils or sealant again. This stuff is great.
Fantastic Soap
This soap is great. Really lubricates, the dirt release from the wash mitt was some of the best I've seen, and it actually seemed to do a good job of removing wax/sealants from the paint. Used in some direct sun and I didn't have any issues with it drying out too quickly.

Foamed with a foam gun, rinsed, foamed again, and washed. Also used as lube for a clay mitt, everything came out sparkling.

I hope the other new DP soaps are built on this same technology (just without the stripping capabilities) because if so that will be my go-to soap from now on.
ProsLubrication Dirt release from mitt Good value Actually strips old waxes and sealants
Spring Hill, FL
DP Prep Wash Perfect!
I'm very pleased with this soap. It's highly lubricated to prevent scratching the paint while washing and it removed all my previous wax/sealant easily.