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DP Gloss Tire Gel Sample

DP Gloss Tire Gel Sample

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Gloss like a boss!

DP Gloss Tire Gel will make your tires shine like never before. DP Gloss Tire Gel is a water-based formula that can be used in just three easy steps. Because DP Gloss Tire Gel is water-based, the product will not sling or smear. DP Gloss Tire Gel will not only make your tires more attractive, but it will also provide protection against UV rays and other damaging environmental contaminants. Feel free to layer DP Gloss Tire Gel for more shine without compromising effectiveness.

Tires don’t just have to be the rubber that keeps your car moving. Usually, we think tires take the damage for the rest of car and there’s nothing we can do about them except buy new ones every few years. However, tires can be just as shiny and just as nice to look at as the rest of your vehicle. How? With DP Gloss Tire Gel.

What you can expect:
• HIGH GLOSS SHINE! Your tires will stay looking like new.
• PROTECTION! UV rays and other environmental contaminants are no match for this product.
• EASY APPLICATION! Just a few simple steps without the mess.

DP Gloss Tire Gel is a water-based formula that produces a high gloss shine. What does that mean? For starters, a water-based product means that it won’t leave an oily residue in crevasses, oil which will eventually cause adhesion of future products. Water is also (obviously) water soluble, meaning it is less toxic and safer for you, the tires and the environment. All this plus a high shining gleam!

Rubber gets easily cracked and faded, which not only looks less than perfect, but can also be dangerous. Cracked tires become weak tires which can lead you to having to pump them more and lead to blow outs. Prevent cracked and faded wheels with DP Gloss Tire Gel. DP Gloss Tire Gel protects against the UV rays that cause these issues. It will also protect your tires from other environmental contaminants like dirt, grime and acid rain.
DP Gloss Tire Gel is easily applied and will create stunning results after just one application!

The most convenient parts about DP Gloss Tire Gel is that it won’t make a mess! Naturally, products tend to smear, streak or sling onto other parts of the car. However, with DP Gloss Tire Gel you won’t have any of these issues. This will save you loads of time from having to clean up messes from other parts of the car that took a beating from slinging. Besides the lack of mess, DP Gloss Tire Gel is easy-to-use in three simple steps!

Directions for use:
NOT for use on motorcycles!
1. Shake well!
2. First clean the tires using DP Dual Action Tire & Wheel Cleaner or a similar tire cleaner (see bottle for instructions).
3. Apply a strip of DP Gloss Tire Gel onto a foam tire applicator.
4. Rub onto the tire’s surface.
5. For more of a matte finish, buff tire surface with a microfiber towel.
6. Additional layers can be applied for added shine.

2 oz.

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