Dodo Juice Car Care

Dodo Juice Car Care

Dodo Juice is a small UK company specializing in high quality hand-made car care products, mainly carnauba waxes and polishes. Set up in June 2007, Dodo Juice has experienced explosive growth and now features prominently amongst the leading 'boutique' car care brands. Its newest wax, Supernatural, sold out within 25 minutes of launch, which is a testimony to its success. With demand always seeming to outstrip supply, Dodo Juice continues to frustrate amateur enthusiasts as well as professional detailers, as more and more of them develop a soft spot for 'The Dodo'.

Autogeek is pleased to carry Dodo Juice products in large supply, so everyone has a chance to experience 'The Dodo'.

Dodo Juice's story...

Dodo Juice was set up in June 2007 by PJ and Dom, a couple of guys who wanted to wake up the car wax industry, make it a double espresso and then jump on its bed. Tired of the car care industry's prehistoric marketing and mass-produced offerings, Dodo Juice was established with one aim in mind to bring high performance car care products to the enthusiast, at realistic prices, without any pompous claims.

Launching with just five hand made waxes, the range has grown to over 19 products in 2008, all made in the UK by a small team of dedicated technicians. The waxes have been well-received by the detailing community and are used by professional detailers as well as amateur enthusiasts. Dodo Juice's new wax, Supernatural (sold in a bespoke hard wood container), sold out within 25 minutes. Overall, Dodo Juice is a company that is proud to be different, proud that its logo is difficult to read, proud of its distinctive website ( and proud to be friendly, approachable and educational. One day it may even achieve its ambition of buying a volcano island, complete with monorail and laser. Then its competitors will have even more reason to worry.