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Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush

Heavy duty wheel brush built for every day wheel cleaning!

The Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush was designed for the detailer that requires a brush built to withstand the rigorous use of every day wheel cleaning. From the half-inch thick, heavy-duty non-slip polypropylene handle to the chemically resistant Nylex bristles, the Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush was designed to outperform and outlast any other wheel brush. Remove the time and effort associated with wheel cleaning and clean your wheels with the Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush.

The Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush is the answer to hundreds of emails and dozens of phone calls from loyal Autogeek customers over the years asking for a wheel brush that could be used, abused, washed and reused thousands of times. After countless design changes and what seemed like endless hours of testing, the Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush was born. We’ll say without hesitation that the Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush is the most rugged, well-built wheel brush available.

Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush cleans deep behind the face of the wheel
The Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush loosens brake dust, dirt and road grime with ease.
Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush has soft, flexible bristles
The chemical-resistant, flexible bristles regain their shape after each use.
Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush cleans where other wheels cannot!
Long handle and flexible bristles enable the Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush to clean deep behind the face of the wheel.
Think about how many times you hit the brake pedal each time you drive your vehicle. Every time the brake pedal is depressed, friction is created by the brake pads clamping the brake rotor. This friction creates an immense amount of heat and with it comes brake dust. Brake dust is comprised of dust from the pads and metal filings from the rotor. This ferrous mixture eats away at the protective coating on your wheels and will actually pit the metal over time, hindering the shine and luster of the painted, polished or machined finish.

The Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush enables you to remove ferrous brake-dust particles with ease. By combining the proven cleaning ability and gentle nature of chemically-resistant Nylex bristles attached to a long, heavy-duty polypropylene handle, you’re able to clean deep within your wheel barrels, removing brake dust and grime in places unreachable with other wheel brushes. The heavy-duty handle of the Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush doesn’t flex or bend which enables maximum agitation so even the most neglected wheels are easily cleaned.

The Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush is chemically resistant so it can withstand heavy-duty wheel cleaners and degreasers. What’s more, the patented Nylex brisles regain their shape, even after years of use. Simply rinse the brush off with warm water after each use and hang it upside down using the built-in mounting hole. The bristles will settle back into their original shape, just like new.

Clean all wheels with confidence! The Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush is safe for all wheel finishes. Whether you have a brand-new car with clear coated wheels or a hot rod with custom machined-aluminum wheels, the Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush will enable you to clean them without worrying about scratching or dulling the finish.

The Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush works best when paired with a quality wheel cleaner. Wheels are available in all types of finishes so it’s important that you choose your wheel cleaner wisely. A safe bet is Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner. This water-based formula is safe for all wheel finishes including painted, chrome, aluminum, and clear coated. Whichever wheel cleaner you use, always dunk the Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush in a bucket full of warm water before each use. This will help soften the bristles, enabling them to squeeze into tight areas.

Thoroughly rinse the Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush after each use and hang dry upside down.

16 inches long.

Made in USA

Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush

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71% Recommend this product (5 of 7 responses)
By rockinrandall
Atlanta, GA
June 23, 2014
very easy to use
have the other Dayton adjustable brushes but find this one easier to use. have an F150 and Nissan Murano and this works great around the calipers on both vehicles. you lose the ability to bend the bristles but if you can angle the PRO it works fine
Prossturdier handle easier to use
By Andrew B Nathan
United States
June 23, 2014
Great tire Cleaner
Works awesome and makes it easy to clean inside rims...a must have product
By Jared
June 5, 2014
Great Wheel Brush
This thing does a great job getting in the tight spots. I use it on my cars and on my motorcycle and it does them all equally well.
ProsSeems to be made well Gets into small spots
ConsCan't get too over zealous or you'll sling wheel grime everywhere.
By Gilbert
Canada ,Ontario
May 23, 2014
Amazing Brush
Wish I could find good product like that here in Canada. Very hard to find quality auto detailing stuff in Canada. Thank god for the internet! I use this brush to clean all my wheel rims from atv,car, truck, tiller, garden tractor, etc. Also works really good to clean small engine and all kind of stuff. It's amazing the small crevices that this brush will fit.
ProsFlexible bristle. Will fit in small crevices. So far looks durable.
ConsSoap shoots back in your face. Wear glasses.
By Bob
north florida
May 21, 2014
Works great, does not scratch.
Works real good on my grimy rims.
By Steve
June 17, 2013
Great wheel brush
This is a great, well built wheel brush. It easily gets between the spokes on my wheels and most importantly gets between the calipers too to scrub the entire wheel. I docked it a star because without a splash guard you will get hit by the sling back unless you remove it very slowly from the wheel. Other than that this is great, solid wheel brush.
By iDetail
May 19, 2013
So Far the best I tried
The good. It cleans really well. I got the brush all the way to the back of the barrels on a set of Euro Addition Focus SVT rims. I think 16 spokes and it never got stuck even in the tight places of the spoke. Removed mountains of grime. Short comings: for get about getting around the calipers, It shed right out of the box, Sling back all over your shirt is excessive. Lets see how long it lasts. It is the strongest brush I ever used hands down. No flex in the handle at all.