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Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush

Clean smaller spaces with speed and precision!

The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush gives you unparalleled access to clean the tight spaces of your vehicle, like narrow wheel spokes and the grill. The flexible, compact brush goes where no other wheel brush can fit! Use the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush on your vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or ATV.

The Speed Master Jr. Brush is a smaller version of the full size Speed Master Wheel Brush.Do you have very narrow spoke wheels, an intricate wheel design or a hard-to-clean front grill? A regular spoke wheel brush or detailing brush can't always fit between the narrowest features on your vehicle, and these ordinary brushes certainly can't flex. But the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush can!

The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush is a 13 inch version of the full size Speed Master Wheel Brush. This smaller, slimmer brush has all the incredible features of the larger brush but, with the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush, you can clean even narrower spaces! Now brake dust, grime, and dirt really have nowhere to hide!

The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush has all these features not found in other wheel brushes:

Soft, nonabrasive 2 inch bristles. Whether the wheels are aluminum or clear coated, they can be scratched by the wrong brush. The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush features nylon Nylex bristles that are both flexible and durable. The end of each bristle is feathered to provide an extra gentle touch on delicate wheel finishes. Use the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush on highly polished aluminum, chrome, stainless, clear coated, and painted wheels with confidence.


The Speed Master Jr. cleans between grill slats of varying widths.

Patented memory bristles regain their shape. Detail brushes can lose their shape and their functionality over time because they’re pressed into the grooves and crevices of your car. The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush has special memory bristles that regain their shape after every use. Simply rinse the brush in hot water and hang it upside down to dry. The bristles will settle back into their original shape, just like new. Memory bristles allow the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush to remain effective when other brushes fall short.


Chemical resistant. The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush’s synthetic bristles can withstand all wheel cleaners and degreasers, even powerful aluminum wheel cleaners. Whereas natural bristles can eventually become dry and brittle, the bristles on the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush stay smooth, soft, and flexible.


Use the Speed Master Jr. to remove dirt from the air intake vent.

Fits all wheel designs. The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush may look like a big brush, but it fits in the smallest spaces. Clean between wire spokes and even between the brake caliper and the wheel! The flexible bristles easily fold against the stem to a ˝ inch thickness. When you’re finished cleaning the wheels, rinse the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush in hot water and hang to dry to restore the brush’s original shape.


The Speed Master Jr. is safe on chrome, painted, clear coated, and plated surfaces.

Reinforced, flexible stem. Many of today’s wheel designs give you full visibility through the wheel. Brake dust literally has nowhere to hide! The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush is the solution. The upgraded, vinyl-coated wire stem flexes to reach all the way through the wheel to clean the edge on the other side! The 9 inch stem is of a heavier gauge wire to give it flexibility and stability. The vinyl coating protects the wheel from scratching. In fact, if you pull the bristles apart, you can see that the wire is completely covered for the entire length of the brush.

Safe bonded tip. The tip of the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush is coated in vinyl to protect the wheel from contact. No part of the internal wire stem is visible so there’s no chance of it scratching the wheel as long as the bonded tip stays in tact.

Knuckle guard protects your hands. A rubber guard above the handle helps protect your hands from cleaners or scrapes, because we know you really get into your work.  An ergonomic handle makes cleaning comfortable.

Cleans the engine bay, too. The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush is a phenomenal wheel brush, but it also works great under the hood. The flexible, synthetic bristles, long stem, and go-anywhere design all make it ideal for cleaning between engine components. You can use the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush on chrome, aluminum, and custom engines. It will not scratch! We highly recommend using a second Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush for the engine to avoid cross-contamination between the wheels and engine.
Thanks to its small size, the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush is ideal for motorcycles! Clean around pipes, forks, and everywhere in between without scratching.

After every use, take a moment to wash the oil and grease from the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush. You’ll have a clean brush the next time you’re ready to detail. This also gives you the opportunity to rinse the brush in hot water and hang it to dry to reshape the bristles.

Brake dust can go anywhere – your wheel brush should be able to as well. The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush fits where other brushes can’t to thoroughly clean the most intricate wheel designs, grills, and motorcycles. The synthetic memory bristles are safe on all wheel finishes, and the brush regains its shape after use. The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush is the ultimate detail brush for all wheels, including high performance, alloy, spoke, wire spoke, metal, and coated wheels!

13 x 2.5 inches
Made in U.S.A.

Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush

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Hamilton, MI
Made in USA
This little thing is priceless to have at my side when I am working on a vehicle whose wheels have been utterly neglected. It is small, but it is built very well. I gave mine a slight bend to allow me to clean behind fatter spokes.
Hagerstown, MD
excellent size!
Speedmaster brushes are great. I had 2 of the bigger version and took advantage when this was buy 1 get one. These work great for those smaller spokes
Prosgreat size extremely useful and compact
Consmaybe a littl expensive?
Ogdensburg, NY
Great brush
Easy to work with and gets into all the crevices. I have tried a few other brushes and woollies out there and keep going back to this. The metal bar does break after a while. Same as an EZ Detail brush.
ProsWorks great
ConsMetal bar breaks easy after many uses.
Speed Master Jr. wheel brush
I already have the regular size Speed Master wheel brush and it works great. Haven't used the Jr. wheel brush yet but I'm sure it wont disappoint.
ProsExcellent wheel brush
Consnone yet
Orange County, CA
Hands down best wheel tool
Where do I begin? What can't this brush do? It can clean between tight spokes due to the flexible bristles. It can clean behind the base of the spokes because the brush & spine; is flexible. It has long enough reach to clean barrels. All-around a great brush!
ProsFlexible bristles and spine Long reach Rubber hand guard