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Curved Edge Full Contact 7.5" Foam Pads CLOSE OUT

Curved Edge Full Contact 7.5" Foam Pads <font color=red>CLOSE OUT</font>" title="Curved Edge Full Contact 7.5" Foam Pads <font color=red>CLOSE OUT</font>Wolfgang™ pads are designed for fast, effective results with minimum effort from you!

Foam pads are a popular topic of conversation around the Autogeek office. We’re always discussing what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve upon the basic pad design. We were all elated when we received the first shipment of Wolfgang™ EuroTech Smart (ETS) pads because they were all of our ideas rolled into one great pad design.

Wolfgang EuroTech Smart Foam Pads are manufactured by Lake Country Manufacturing, the maker of premium polisher pads and accessories. The 7.5” ETS pads are excellent for dual action or circular polishers, making them extremely versatile. This new design eliminates the concavity found in the middle of our old pads in order to provide more pad-to-paint contact and reduce the amount of pressure the user must apply to the pad. The result is a more efficient use of the polisher to save the user a lot of effort. Rather than pressing on the machine to achieve full contact, now the machine does all the work for you. Plus, these pads are made of imported German foam, called EuroTech Smart foam. It is a denser, more resilient foam that withstands multiple, rigorous uses with your dual action or circular polisher. All these pads use Velcro® brand hook & loop fasteners to secure the pad to the backing plate.

These pads make circular polishing more effective and safer with their user-friendly features. The curved edge allows you to easily polish under mirrors and around objects without losing an effective amount of pad-to-paint contact. Tilt the polisher without fear of bumping hard edges on your paint. Rather than a concavity in the middle of the pad, these pads are flat to lessen the pressure the user must apply. Although these pads no longer have the “splatter pocket” of our old pads, polishes and waxes are less apt to splatter if you spread the product over the surface prior to turning the machine on. As always, these pads have quality Velcro® hook & loop backing with a lip around the edge of the backing plate to prevent accidental bumps.

Wolfgang Curved Edge Full Contact 7.5” Foam Pads are available in the following varieties:

Blue Final Finishing 7.5" – This soft pad applies paint glaze in an ultra thin, even coat. It can be used to apply wax, also. The blue pad puts the perfect finishing touch on your paint.

Note: A 6 inch Hook & Loop Backing Plate is recommended for these pads.

Proper Cleaning- Wash pads by hand using DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator or Snappy Clean Pad Cleaning Powder mixed in 3-4 gallons of water. Agitate foam using a Duo-Spur Pad Cleaning Tool and soak pad for up to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

Manufactured by Lake Country

Lake Country has upgraded their foam pads to CCS Technology™. Read about how CCS pockets improve your detailing experience.

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