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Connolly Hide Care Leather ProductsFounded on excellence!

A little history lesson: Back in 1878, the Connolly Brothers of England established Connolly Leather, the renowned suppliers of exquisite leather for the interiors of some of the world’s finest automobiles: Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Jaguar. Their reputation for producing flawless, luxurious leather persists to this day. Supplying the elite in the automotive industry with possibly the world’s best leather just wasn’t enough for the Connolly boys. To help consumers maintain the health and beauty of this top-quality leather for years to come, they designed a system for proper leather care— Connolly Leather Care Cleaner and Connolly Hide Care Conditioner. The recipe for Connolly Hide Care products is specifically formulated to nourish, moisturize and treat leather right from day one. Owners of these prestigious cars take painstaking care of every part of their investment, never neglecting the precious leather. Discriminating car collectors have trusted the Connolly Hide Care System for over 125 years!

How your leather feels tells you more about its condition than anything. It should feel like something between velvet and satin, supple, inviting and luxurious. Leather care starts with maintaining factory fresh feeling leather from the beginning. Keeping it clean is important, but conditioning is the key to preserving the life—flexibility, appearance and longevity—of your leather.

Understanding the process behind tanning leather may help explain why conditioning is of the utmost importance. Leather is tanned for two reasons: to bind the layers in the leather into a network of interwoven fibers, leaving the leather supple; and to halt the decomposition process. The tanning process is followed by dressing or “fat-liquoring,” which essentially is conditioning performed in the factory. It introduces fatty substances that help the leather remain flexible and resistant to water and wear. But, leather is hygroscopic (naturally absorbs and retains water like a sponge), meaning it’s also susceptible to losing moisture necessary to keep it pliant and soft. Think of leather conditioners (the good ones) as do-it-yourself fat-liquoring. A good conditioner is a spring of life for your leather--all the nutrients, UV protection and moisture it needs to stay beautiful.

I have confidence in the Connolly Hide Care products, because they have stood the test of time! From a company that knows leather—the very best leather!—you’d expect if anyone, they’d know how to keep it so. They strive to maintain their monumental reputation, and wouldn’t put their name on any product less than first-rate. You can bet your hide on it!

Note: Connolly leather products are, and always have been, packaged with the green label with the Connolly Brothers logo. If you do not see Connolly on the label, it’s not genuine Connolly in the jar!