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Complete Glass Care Kit

Crystal Clear Glass inside and out has NEVER been easier!

The Complete Glass Care Kit is aptly named because it contains EVERYTHING you need to clean your auto's interior and exterior glass to a perfectly clear, streak-free finish. Whether you're trying to keep the glass clean on your garage queen, or if you need to deep clean and protect the windshield and side mirrors on your daily driver, this kit as it all! Frequent glass care is easy glass care, and until now a kit did not exist that contained it all!

The Complete Glass Care Kit includes:

16 oz. McKee's 37 Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner
McKee's 37 Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner is a superior auto glass cleaner. It comes out of the sprayer like water. There’s no foam and there’s absolutely no harsh smell. As you wipe over the glass the film, the smudges and spots start to disappear. McKee's 37 Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner leaves glass clean and clear. This ammonia-free formula is 100% tint safe!

16 oz. Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish
Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish is a citrus-based chemical cleaner infused with a blend of glass-safe abrasives designed to gently remove water spots, road film, and other common contaminants that are often found on the windshield of a daily driver. The specially-milled abrasives remove the offending contaminants without scratching glass. Apply by hand with a terrycloth applicator or by machine with a soft foam polishing pad.

McKee's 37 Glass Coating
McKee's 37 Glass Coating is a super-hydrophobic nano-glass ceramic coating that creates an extremely hard, crystal-clear barrier of protection on exterior glass surfaces. Treated glass surfaces will be impenetrable to environmental contaminants while exhibiting super hydrophobic properties; water will bead up and roll off while snow and ice will be effortless to remove. A single application lasts up to one year!

Stoner Reach & Clean Tool
The Stoner Reach & Clean Tool makes it faster and easier to clean any glass surface. Imagine having an extra 14 inches of reach – that’s exactly what the Reach & Clean Tool gives you! The long handle and pivoting cleaning head give you easy access to the far corners of your windshield or back window. Three included bonnets leave glass clean and streak-free. The Stoner Reach & Clean Tool works on any glass surface!

3 pack 16 x 24 inch Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towel
With over 220,000 silky fine threads per square inch, the new towel is still super soft with unparalleled absorbency and durability.The superior capacity for moisture eliminates glass streaks better than any other towel. A double-stitched edge and a plush waffle weave round out the features of our best glass cleaning towel to date. Used with any cleaner, the Microfiber Glass Towel is impressive, but it really shines when used with McKee's 37 Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner.

Wolfgang Polish N’ Wax Applicator
The Polish N’ Wax is a triple layered foam pad with orange light cutting foam on one side and soft, gray finishing foam on the other side. The red layer in the middle gives the pad additional height so you can grip it without rubbing your fingers on the paint. The pad is oval for comfortable gripping, and it is larger than the average applicator pad so you cover more area in less time. The orange side is perfect for applying Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish as it provides the mechanical cutting ability necessary to engage the abrasives, removing water spots and other impurities from exterior glass.

Lake Country Coating Applicator
The Lake Country Coating Applicator is a specially designed applicator for applying your favorite surface coating. Constructed using super soft open-cell gold foam, the Lake Country Coating Applicator ensures thin, even coats of your favorite paint, wheel, or glass coating are applied. The Lake Country Coating Applicator and its unique construction minimizes product waste, allowing you to maximize your investment.

Kit includes:
16 oz. McKee's 37 Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner
16 oz. Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish
4 oz. McKee's 37 Glass Coating
Stoner Reach & Clean Tool
3 pack 16 x 24 inch Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towel
Wolfgang Polish N’ Wax Applicator
Lake Country Coating Applicator

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Complete Glass Care Kit

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3 Reviews
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67% Recommend this product (2 of 3 responses)
Toronto, Ontario
Windows streaking
Followed instructions cleaned polished apllyed sealent
Windows streaking when wipers on
Called auto keek for help
No help
can't drive at night

ConsCan't drive in rain at night
Great Value
First off: The white glass towels really ARE that good--no lint, easy to use, big--buy these for glass and don't look back.

The cleaning tool is so so--great for small, aggressively sloped rear windows where it's difficult to get in there by hand. But, it's kind of awkward to handle and use. Not sure if it's the way the head tilts, or the triangular shape. I'd like to see this thing have a square side and maybe a round side.

The glass cleaner is great. Not sure how unique it is, but I had been using Stoner spray foam which is also good.

The glass coating goes on great with the supplied applicator, and is easy to remove. Not sure yet on how it performs in rain yet, as it's been dry in my area.

Overall, this kit got my windows sparkling--crystal--clear. I didn't use the glass polish since I don't have hard water spots or other contamination problems, so I can't speak to its effectiveness.
ProsGreat kit. Everything you need.
Virginia Beach, VA
Those are some clean windows
I like clean windows and used this kit on my 1992 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon. Up until this kit I had been simply cleaning my windows with various glass cleaners and knew I could get them clearer. I first did a good cleaning inside using Stoners reach tool and McKee's cleaner. On the outside; a quick cleaning was followed by the Wolfgang Glass Polish, this made a very big improvement on the front windshield, I also did this on the back tailgate window. I did a good hand buffing before applying the McKee Glass Coating, this is some seriously good stuff. Nothing sticks to the window, feels very slick. The view from inside is amazing, it is like the glass is not even there, happy camper here. All the applicators were very useful and made for a better job. I plan to do all the windows in my wagon with this kit.