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Connolly Hide Care Leather Kit

Connolly Hide Care Leather KitFrom the maker of the world’s finest leather, the world’s finest leather care products in a kit!

Over a century ago in England the finest tannery ever to grace the Earth was established. The Connolly brothers built a business that would eventually supply the most prestigious automotive manufacturers, the most luxurious liners, the ritziest hotels, and even the famed Concorde with a quality of leather that has never been surpassed. To keep it in its pure, opulent condition it would have to be maintained. Leather is very susceptible to showing signs of wear and tear and the damaging effects of UV radiation and aging, so they devised a process of preserving it and keeping it worthy.

Care is simple. Clean the hide of any contaminants that pollute it. Then replenish oils and moisture that have escaped due to evaporation. The difficult part was formulating one perfect product to address each of these steps. A good leather cleaner permeates the “skin,” into each and every pore to dislodge and lift any foreign matter that could compromise the strength and condition of the leather down the road. It needs to be gentle yet capable, free of harsh chemicals, and appropriately pH balanced. Once the leather is free of dirt and oil, it must be fed and protected. Natural oils, moisturizers, and protectants need to be reintroduced, as they’re lost over time. Not conditioning results in the leather progressively drying, cracking, peeling and deteriorating—an irreversible state.

Connolly Leather Care has the solution: A harmonious pair of products to clean and condition your leather to satiny-smooth perfection. They didn’t earn their reputation by turning out substandard products. Your leather couldn’t be in better, more competent hands! The kit includes:

Connolly Concentrated Leather Cleaner 500 ml. (16.9 oz.)
A thick, powerful cleaner that easily repairs problem areas as well as maintains the overall cleanliness of your leather interior. An authentic deep-down clean that leaves your leather flawless.

Connolly Hide Care Leather Conditioner 11 oz.
A rich, nutrient-packed cream emulsion to nourish the leather, lubricate and penetrate each fiber for suppleness, and protect the leather from organic or exposure-related deterioration. This is the same product formerly called Hide Food.

Deluxe Microfiber Applicator
The Deluxe Microfiber Applicators are made of a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide, respectively. The higher percentage of polyamide gives the applicator a soft, plush texture that pampers any surface it touches. This soft microfiber fabric is made of a split weave that is more absorbent than any flat weave microfiber. The inner foam pad maximizes absorption so any product you’re applying goes on streak-free. The pads are covered with tiny microfiber loops that grab dust and lint with a positive electric charge.

Yellow Poly Foam Applicator
This soft, absorbent applicator spreads products evenly and neatly. The foam is excellent for applying Conolly Hide Care Conditioner because it will not leave lint on your fine leather interior. The applicator is washable and reusable.

2 Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels (16" x 16") (color may vary)
With a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide, the Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels are designed to perform all your cleaning, polishing and buffing jobs. These towels have a double-sided structure: one side has tight loops for cleaning and polishing, the other side is feathery soft for buffing.

The pleasure of supple, sumptuous leather comes with a small price; Care for it like you would your own skin. Vehicles driven daily or Sunday cruisers require only a once a month leather care maintenance plan.

Note: Connolly leather products are, and always have been, packaged with the green label with the Connolly Brothers logo. If you do not see Connolly on the label, it’s not genuine Connolly in the jar!

Kit contains:
500 ml. Connolly Concentrated Leather Cleaner
11 oz. Connolly Hide Care Leather Conditioner
Microfiber Applicator Pad
Yellow Poly Foam Applicator
2 Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches (color may vary)

A total retail value of $75.94. Save $25.75!

Made in England.


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