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3 Pack Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave Drying Towels, 16 x 24 inches

This heavy duty waffle weave towel is four times thicker than any other waffle weave drying towel!

If you think all towels are the same, think again! Cobra’s Guzzler Heavy Duty Waffle Weave Towel is an ultra-thick version of our waffle weave drying towel. With more than twice the capacity of an ordinary waffle weave, the Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave Towel attracts moisture like a magnet!

The Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave is made from the same type of plush, microfiber waffle weave fabric as the Guzzler towels. Plusher and softer than any other waffle weave microfiber, the Guzzler series of towels are the safest, softest drying towels you can buy.

Dry your vehicle in minutes with the super absorbent Guzzler HD!
The Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave Drying Towel has strong stitching for durability.

To save on production costs while maintaining a high quality fabric, the Cobra Guzzler microfiber was manufactured in Korea and cut and sewn in China. The Korean company uses a splitting machine to make what the industry calls "ultra microfiber"; that's the soft, highly absorbent microfiber available from Cobra. Once this ultra microfiber is made in huge rolls, it is sent to China to finish the towels. The result is a premium towel at an affordable price.

Continuing the tradition, the Cobra Guzzler is a super-absorbent variation on the original towel. The Cobra Guzzler HD has a 5 mil sponge laminated between two layers of soft, 80/20 microfiber. The sponge is made of open-cell foam that drinks up a tremendous volume of water – twice as much as the regular Guzzler! With the combined capacity of two layers of waffle weave microfiber plus a foam sponge, you can dry a full size car with one Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave Drying Towel!

The Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave is safe on any surface. The soft microfiber fabric has a strip of silky satin around the edge. The Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave Drying Towel will not scratch paint, clear coats, glass, metal, or plastic. Use it on any surface to wipe away every trace of water for a spot-free finish!

Dry your vehicle in minutes with the super absorbent Guzzler HD!
The Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave Drying Towel soaks up moisture like a sponge!

The Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave Drying Towel is four times as thick as a traditional waffle weave towel!

Even with the interior foam, the Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave is easy to handle and store. The towel’s immense capacity for moisture means it doesn’t have to be a large towel. It measures 16 x 24 inches and 5 mils thick. It folds to a compact size for storage in your glove box or a cabinet. When it becomes dirty, the towel can be washed in your washing machine with your other microfiber towels using Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. Dry on low heat.

The Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towel is the heavyweight of waffle weaves! With an absorbent foam core, the soft microfiber drying towel will wipe away every bit of moisture to give your vehicle a clean, spot-free shine.

16 x 24 inches

Korean Microfiber assembled in China.

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3 Pack Cobra Guzzler HD Waffle Weave Drying Towels, 16 x 24 inches

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Item ID: COBRA-HD200-3
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By Rick
West Coat
June 9, 2017
Don't Last, Expensive
I have used these towels 3 times. I just finished washing them in cold water on a gentle cycle, and after only 3 washes these towels are starting to come apart. The seams are showing threads, and parts of the microfiber are coming off like string, not pile. Extreme unhappy with this purchase, at $10+ per towel these should hold up way better. I also do not think they are very good at drying, the towel is too thick to get into crevices and it tends to just push water around.
ConsFailing Apart after 3 Used Expensive Not Great at Drying
By Nat
July 29, 2016
Not Bad.
The towel is not bad. It is smaller than I expected. It does soak up a lot of water, but you keep wringing it out to finish a midsize car. If I had to do it over again, I would have gotten a larger size.
Prossoft soaks up a fair amount of water
Constoo small
By Bob
New Mexico
March 30, 2015
Cobra Guzzler--- 2nd review
When first used, drying could have been better-- after washing the towels, they now work great-- harry customer!
By Bryan
San Diego, CA
January 28, 2015
Outstanding products!
This is the best waffle drying towel I've ever used. You can immediately tell the quality of it when you feel it. It's very thick, and even more absorbent. I do rinse free washes and these absorb enough water for two cars easily. I will never buy another waffle again from a different company.
By Chris
Myrtle Beach, SC
November 15, 2014
OK, not my favorite
Very absorbant but a bit too thick. Prefer ones a little more flexible. It's like using a soft piece of cardboard.
By Jim
North Andover, MA
July 16, 2014
These drying towels work great!
The towels do a great job, especially for someone very careful with their car's finish!
By Chris D.
Sacramento, CA
July 16, 2014
Amazing Drying Towel
I'm a "gifted amateur" when it comes to detailing... maybe more money than sense. But I've found that these towels, while expensive, really do a great job. I was able to fully dry my black 2013 MB SL550 with ONE towel. Normally I go thru 3 or 4 towels at the very least. But this single waffle weave towel dried my windows, body work, even the bumpers, and mirrors, with no problem. And it's quick! Not having to continually fold, and refold the towel was a real time saver. True, these are not inexpensive, but they sure do work well! Chris
By Tim
Northwest Pa
April 19, 2014
Huge upgrade from the supreme.
Definitely an upgrade from the Cobra supreme. BUT there is NO way possible that anyone is going to use 1 to COMPLETELY dry a vehicle. I use 3 to dry my full size Silverado. 1st one gets a large amount of water off, then I use the 2nd to dry, that's zero water on the surface, no streaks. The 3rd is used when the 2nd one gets too wet.